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Highlighting best practice as a representative in The Parliamentary Review

The ability to listen and learn from one another has always been vital in parliament, in business and in most aspects of daily life. But at this particular moment in time, as national and global events continue to reiterate, it is uncommonly crucial that we forge new channels of communication and reinforce existing ones. The following article from Blue Light Dental and Aesthetic Clinic is an attempt to do just that. We would welcome your thoughts on this or any other Parliamentary Review article.

Director Monika Czachor
Dreaming big
Monika Czachor tells
The Parliamentary Review
passion, determination and a stroke of luck were
all integral when it came to establishing the north
London-based Blue Light Dental and Aesthetic Clinic. Monika
loved her job as a dentist and felt she had something extra that
she could offer to her patients. With a broad range of skills and
more than 12 years’ experience in the sector at the time, she
took the plunge and gave north London a new kind of dental
surgery – one that offered everything from orthodontics and
teeth whitening to non-surgical facelifts.
I loved my job as a dentist and I was convinced I had something special to offer to
my patients. I had studied extensively and had developed a variety of skills; at the
time of establishing the clinic, I had more than 12 years of experience, and enjoyed
a great rapport with all of my patients. To continue this personal development, I
was concentrating on shaping my vision. I wanted to create a clinic open for all. It
was meant to be inclusive with broad services under one roof. I did not price myself
highest but I also did not compete for the cheapest services. I wanted to build a
practice where solid dental skills, knowledge and compasion was provided for a
resonable fee. Patients soon started to appreciate this.
An uncertain beginning
In early 2009, I saw an opportunity to open a new dental practice. These were
uncertain years with the stock market crashing, plummeting between 20 per
cent and 50 per cent in different sectors, and the government dealing with the
»Director: Monika Czachor
»Established in 2010
»Based in north London
»Services: General dentistry
alongside facial cosmetics
»No. of employees: 2
Blue Light Dental and
Aesthetic Clinic
Highlighting best practice
financial crisis, introducing lots of cuts,
reductions and increasing taxes. There
was a general panic among both the
public and my colleagues.
I was strongly discouraged from
starting a business; I was advised to
wait. Many banks rejected my proposal
for this new venture and I was seen as
a high risk due to lack of experience
in running a business as well as not
having a big enough deposit to invest
in it.
Looking back, though, it was also an
excellent time to negotiate. Despite the
climate and advice, I decided to buy a
non-operating dental clinic in London.
In 2009, I negotiated a heavy price
drop and secured the deal for 25 per
cent of its asking price. I only needed
£46,000 to pay for the clinic and to
carry out a small refurbishment. The
clinic was fitted with used equipment
and had zero patients. After running
some tests, it was clear that some
needed to be replaced immediately.
We replaced this outdated equipment
with high-tech and brand-new
technology over the next two to three
In July 2019, the clinic was valued
at £500,000, as we saw 12 per cent
growth in 2018/19. From the very
beginning, the practice was growing
by between five and nine per cent year
on year.
Achieving stability
I have built a strong patient base from
zero to over 5,000 today, supported by
our strong internet presence, fantastic
reviews and multiple “fun-clubs”
on Facebook and other social media
platforms. The majority of our patients
now result from recommendations and
online reviews.
I have one clinical room with a dental
chair and one room for facial aesthetics
and laser treatments. We provide most
general dentistry services including
short-term orthodontics, implants,
teeth whitening and facial aesthetics,
which have been complemented with
non-surgical face lifts and anti-wrinkle
injections. This is supported by Clear
Lift technology and a plethora of
treatments using the Harmony XL Pro
platform from ABC Lasers.
Welcoming and cosy
waiting area
I secured the
deal for 25
per cent of its
asking price
Continuing our expansion
The clinic gradually became
overbooked and one dental chair
was insufficient to accommodate this
demand. Growth and expansion of
the business was necessary. After a
number of failed attempts, ideas and
lots of money paid for deals that fell
through, I finally secured a commercial
premises to which the clinic will be
relocating this year to Islington. We
will expand into three clinical rooms,
including two with dental chairs and
one for facial and cosmetic treatments.
The high street location will give us
fantastic exposure and a boost to the
It took a lot of hard work to achieve
this success: I have been working
12 hours a day, six days a week for
most of those years and I hardly took
any holidays. Over that time, I was
able to learn and turn my hardships
The biggest struggle was, and still
is, building a team of reliable and
committed people to work with.
The challenge of sourcing the right
employees was significant. I found
staff to be demotivated, defensive and
doing the minimum possible. I had to
deal with a lack of commitment and
enthusiasm as well as unreliability
Investing and training people was
the most challenging task. Employees
didn’t seem to see the future in a
small clinic like mine, which was a
shame. However, I hope that the
growth and expansion of the practice
will attract enthusiastic and motivated
professionals who will contribute to
the success of the clinic.
During the running of the dental
business, I faced lots of new
challenges. I had to learn about
business, finance and people
management as well as leadership.
Over the years, I had to build up
a solid network of professionals,
including financial advisers,
bankers, lawyers and accountants.
All of them were supportive and
knowledgeable and helped to sustain
our growth. I developed a sixth sense
for meaningful advice and a non-
I am very proud of the success of
our clinic and the determination and
perseverance that was necessary to get
here. This clear vision will be applied
going forward and I am confident that
we will be able to flourish long into
Expansion of
the practice
will attract
and motivated
High-tech equipment

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