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Highlighting best practice as a representative in The Parliamentary Review

The ability to listen and learn from one another has always been vital in parliament, in business and in most aspects of daily life. But at this particular moment in time, as national and global events continue to reiterate, it is uncommonly crucial that we forge new channels of communication and reinforce existing ones. The following article from Cherox Engineering is an attempt to do just that. We would welcome your thoughts on this or any other Parliamentary Review article.

Highlighting best practice
Managing Director John Wild
Our Droitwich premises
Established in 1983, Cherox (JW) Ltd are a company that
provide specialist components for an enormous range of
industries. They offer a full subcontract machining facility
with six CNC machines at their disposal. The quality, care and
attention they put into each project is testified to by their
exceptional retention rates. With their purpose-built factory
in Droitwich, Worcestershire, they’ve managed to greatly
increase their capacity for production. All of this is predicated
on many decades of accumulated and intergenerational
experience in the industry. John Wild, their managing director,
presents an overview of the company and their areas of
How Cherox (JW) Ltd came into being
I was brought up in a family engineering business, which started when I was 16
years old (39 years ago). Marinating in this environment, it was clear to me from
an early age that this was the sort of occupation I wanted to be in. I therefore
followed in my father’s footsteps and tried to emulate him as much as possible. By
doing this, I had already accrued a vast wealth of experience, which put me in good
stead for the future.
When my father passed away, I tried to build a company of my own that could
perform these services. Using all that I had learnt in my formative years, Cherox
(JW) Ltd was eventually founded. However, it was not enough to use the
»Managing Director: John Wild
»Founded in 1983
»Based in Droitwich,
»Services: Precision engineering
»No. of employees: 10
Cherox (JW) Ltd
knowledge I had acquired only in
this time; times change, and with
this comes the need to meet the
technological needs and expectations
of the day. As a result, much has
changed in a short span of time –
indeed, it is now a more interesting
industry than it once was, as you can
manufacture a much wider spectrum
of products. What hasn’t changed,
however, is our core commitment to
providing an excellent quality product,
to specification and on time – and this
will be a feature of Cherox (JW) Ltd for
as long as it remains within my control
to do so.
Where we fit in the industry
We specialise in a great number of
components for many industries,
from the automotive sector all the
way through to the mining industry.
As a subcontractor machinist, we
work throughout the whole process,
from the supply of raw material to
the final production stages. To give a
sense of our range, one day we might
work on sprockets, and the next we
will help create parts for a Ferrari.
Putotherwise, we occupy a particularly
wide space in the market.
Our ability to routinely deliver to the
expectations of our customers has
resulted in a remarkable retention. We
consistently see the same customers
coming back to us over the decades.
In many cases, I’m dealing with some
of the same people from the days
when my dad worked in the business
– such is the extent of their satisfaction
with our service. The relationships
and friendships we have developed in
this industry are a unique feature of
By having these excellent relationships
in place, we also secure the possibility
of yet more clients (as a result of
recommendation from our existing
ones). This adds yet more emphasis
on ensuring that our company is of
the highest possible quality – only
by doing this can we guarantee our
business’s health, now and into
How times have changed
Brief mention was made earlier of
the extent to which my business
has changed with the times. This is
because machinery is always evolving,
especially as the digital revolution has
speeded up. With this has come an
expectation of faster turnaround and
more detailed specifications. It also
means that we can make parts for all
kinds of machinery and all kinds of
clients. Updating our machinery has
therefore always been a top priority
and continues to be a challenge for
Cherox (JW) Ltd. It’s a challenge,
though, that we regularly live up to.
Keeping up to date in this manner has
yielded dividends. When we started
some 30 years ago, our company was
a mere tenth of the size it is now,
and we’ve since managed to have
our products found in many countries
around the world. Specialists in
components for all kinds
of industries
By having
these excellent
in place, we
also secure
the possibility
of yet more
Highlighting best practice
Important though the machinery is,
it’s equally important that we have
a fantastic team capable of the job
– which is exactly what we have at
Cherox (JW) Ltd. The team work
together excellently and know what is
expected of them. No one takes on an
excess of responsibility; we know that
the success of the company and of
each individual hinges on us working
collaboratively and generously.
Looking back on what we’ve
It’s been a long time, and we’ve faced
many difficult obstacles. It is, after
all, a hard industry to be in. With
that said, we’ve managed to take
much of the stress off the job as a
result of the work we’ve put in over
the years. Everything – the machines,
the mortgage and other outstanding
liabilities – are either paid for or close
to being paid for, which means we
can focus less on getting the right
financial balance (as this is more
or less taken care of), and more on
developing the business and ensuring
we deliver the highest-quality service
to our clients.
In terms of the future, we do not
planto fundamentally change our
model. We want to develop and
enhance our current methods and
our client base, but we do not
want to change the company out
of recognition. This is because our
model depends so heavily on working
closely with our clients and retaining
our relationships. They depend on us
to be reliable, and they work under
the knowledge that we know them
and their needs better than anyone
else. We’ll focus, therefore, on always
being there to fulfil that role.
Updating our
machinery has
always been a
top priority

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