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Highlighting best practice as a representative in The Parliamentary Review

The ability to listen and learn from one another has always been vital in parliament, in business and in most aspects of daily life. But at this particular moment in time, as national and global events continue to reiterate, it is uncommonly crucial that we forge new channels of communication and reinforce existing ones. The following article from CPR Global is an attempt to do just that. We would welcome your thoughts on this or any other Parliamentary Review article.


Highlighting best practice
Andrew Sandbrook, managing
Protecting vulnerable people,
however old they are
CPR Global Technology, based in Swansea, provides a range
of practical technical solutions that allow individuals to
lead a more active life for longer; they keep people safe,
wherever they happen to be. In 2007, they started to develop their
expertise by protecting vulnerable people from scams. A decade
later, they now also manage falls, dementia and loneliness.
Managing director Andrew Sandbrook discusses how they do this.
We deploy technology so that individuals can benefit from the power of their
immediate community. Fundamentally, we break down social isolation to boost
community resilience. We do this because the traditional telecare solutions are not
delivering. They are even becoming part of the problem, as they increase social
isolation – forcing people to stay home to be safe – and needlessly increase the
pressure on the emergency services with false alarms.
Seeing this, we provide instead practical ways for these individuals we care for to
engage with their community. We protect them from nuisance calls, scams and
fraud, and support them in their active life by surrounding them with a safety net.
We do this whether they are at home or out and about.
We deliver a unique blend of security, telecare and telehealth solutions. Our
tailor-made, unique support networks are designed for children, those with special
needs, people who suffer from domestic violence and those who are older, more
vulnerable or suffering from dementia. Our deployment procedures aim to make
communities more resilient and, in turn, more able to support themselves.
We might not be the future, but we are busy building it.
»Managing director: Andrew
»Established in 2007
»Based in Swansea
»Services: Integrating solutions,
prototyping and production
»No. of employees: 20
»Operating by ISO 9001
framework and processes
»Last year turnover increased by
50 per cent
»Received The Queen’s Award
for Export
CPR Global
CPR Global
Local and global collaboration
We make it a priority to work closely
with Swansea University. We also
work hard to engage with local
authorities, clinical commissioning
groups and police forces. As an
international business, we share notes
with universities and institutes of
technology further afield. In the United
States, we work with the Federal
Communications Commission and the
Federal Trade Commission as well as a
number of attorney general offices. We
are currently building similarly exciting
partnerships in Toronto, Canada.
We do not rely on external sources of
funding, so we have had to adopt a
robust fiscal approach to support our
product development cycle.Greater
funding would accelerate growth and
job creation, but tapping into sources
of external investment affects the pace
of our development, weakens our
financial foundation and thus increases
risk.Until we can find a flexible
funding source, we will continue to
invest in our own growth.We do
recognise, however, that Business
Wales has provided us with invaluable
support by listening to our needs and
letting us access the right expertise.
Support from the voice of technology-
enabled care (TSA) is also enabling us
to identify the right partners.
Evolutionary hurdles and
Brexit, which we feel might inhibit our
growth, challenges us to be the best
we can be by forcing us to be efficient
and agile. As a result, our product
range is growing sustainably, and our
quality processes support customers
across the world. Our main market
is in North America, but, with the
help from our great employees from
Wales, England, the US, South Africa,
Italy, Portugal and France, we also sell
in Canada, New Zealand, Australia,
France, Italy and Spain.
We have found value in anchoring our
day-to-day routine to the ISO 9001
quality framework. We do not focus
on the badge itself but concentrate
instead on the transformational
impact of the ISO 9001 processes.
Our business follows a standard
rhythm: plan, deploy, review, amend,
plan again. No broad-stroke plans,
just many carefully shaped and
interconnected dots. The impact is
such that we can now take merely
three or four months to move from the
idea to a boxed product, fully ready to
ship from one of our five warehouses
around the world.
Growing our body of staff
In the last year, we have increased
our turnover by 50 per cent, we
have doubled our staff and taken
on both apprentices and three paid
interns. We have created the CPR
Global Technology umbrella under
which the brands CPR Call Blocker,
Guardian, Watchu, eelo and 360
Care now operate. This demonstrates
that a deliberate, careful and robust
approach to planning delivers benefits
at pace.
Our 20 employees require constant
professional development to meet
our ever-evolving needs. Whether
we continue to grow steadily or not
Monitoring centre
We break
down social
isolation to
Highlighting best practice
will depend to some extent on our
ability to train them appropriately.
Private training providers always
deliver excellent courses, and they
deserve recognition accordingly.
There is only so much they can
deliver, however. This becomes
frustrating when funding is directed
at other established large training
providers who often demonstrate a
diminished understanding of small
With the correct input on how best
to deploy the state-funded training
budget, we believe training providers
would be keener to deliver training
that matters to our team. This could
be done by either ensuring that SMEs
have effective representation at board
level, or by funding SMEs directly
and asking them to use this funding
to commission the training they so
desperately need – something integral
to continual growth.
Staying ahead of the curve
We are meeting this challenge by
coming up with our own solution. We
have started our own training school
so that we can access skills that will
allow us to operate appropriately and
predominantly from Wales. We are
investing in people and providing jobs
without any financial support. We
do not see this market as our natural
stomping ground, but there is an
obvious need for business-led training.
We have a plan, we have recruited
the right people from the further
education sector and we are training
our people our way. Eleven other local
businesses already wish to involve
themselves and, ironically, training
providers are trying to capture the
market we have created. This is not
a great concern, but we do wonder
how sustainable our training can be
when our staff regularly get poached
by other businesses who value our
capacity to develop and provide top-
class employees.
The bottom line is that, in an
increasingly complex world, we are
making our own waves and our team
is making a difference. Our numerous
awards and accolades hopefully prove
we are taking the right path.
We are
making our
own waves
and our team
is making a
The CPR Global Tech


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