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Highlighting best practice as a representative in The Parliamentary Review

The ability to listen and learn from one another has always been vital in parliament, in business and in most aspects of daily life. But at this particular moment in time, as national and global events continue to reiterate, it is uncommonly crucial that we forge new channels of communication and reinforce existing ones. The following article from E S Broadcast is an attempt to do just that. We would welcome your thoughts on this or any other Parliamentary Review article.


CEO Edward Saunders
The new OGN Super Arena
esports facility in Manhattan
Beach, California, built by
ES Broadcast’s systems
integration team
Founded in 2007, ES Broadcast provides end-to-end
solutions to the professional broadcast industry, from
broadcast equipment sales and hire to systems integration.
Their services include helping clients to identify and purchase
or hire the cutting-edge broadcast equipment they need to
deliver stunning 4K footage, designing innovative broadcast
systems architecture to streamline workflows and sourcing and
selling outside broadcast vehicles to expand a client’s fleet. CEO
Edward Saunders tells the
Saying we provide broadcast equipment sounds like a pretty straightforward
business model: buy cameras, lenses and all the other high-value, technologically
advanced kit needed to produce live television, and sell or rent it out for a profit.
Lots of companies do it. But it is precisely by looking beyond this box-shifting
mentality that we have been able to grow ES Broadcast into the successful, service-
led company that it has become.
From a small team focused primarily on sourcing and selling good-quality used
cameras and other equipment, we have grown beyond all recognition into a business
with over 65 staff in nine offices in the UK, Europe and the USA. Our operations
cover the full broadcast spectrum – from providing a single camera to designing
and building outside broadcast trucks or multi-studio complexes – and our growth
has been recognised by our inclusion in the 2018 Sunday Times Fast Track 100.
A few years ago, an enquiry might lead to selling a single camera; now it often
uncovers a much greater need that might involve a full broadcast system build or
an ongoing rental contract. Our goal is to become a key strategic partner for our
»CEO: Edward Saunders
»Founded in 2007
»Located in Watford,
Hertfordshire, with seven
other locations worldwide
»Services: Broadcast equipment
rental, sales and systems
»No. of employees: 65
»Ranked 72 in the 2018 Sunday
Times Virgin Atlantic Fast
Track 100
ES Broadcast
Highlighting best practice
clients, so that they come to rely on
our expertise, industry knowledge
and buying power, and turn to us for
advice whenever they are investing
in the latest technologies or taking
on new projects. That doesn’t mean
always being the cheapest – often we
aren’t – but rather providing a service
that our clients recognise as being of
true value to the growth of their own
Making key investments – in
people as well as hardware
One of the key foundations that has
enabled this paradigm shift in scale
and ambition has been a sustained
drive over the last two or three years
to recruit a senior management team
with the vision, experience and talent
to deliver this diversification of our
service offering. Our success has
hinged on recruiting the right people
to deliver a business model that brings
together complementary strands of the
broadcast industry to provide an end-
to-end service to our clients, one that
helps them identify their key goals and
then provides them with the tools they
need to achieve them.
We aren’t just “technical” people.
Sales support, marketing and
finance staff all play a key role in our
continuing development. In early 2017,
for instance, we recruited our financial
director from a much larger firm
within the industry. His knowledge
of funding significant growth in a
robust and sustainable way has been
key to underpinning our development
financially. Our success is due as
much to his careful planning as to the
ambition of our senior managers, or
the formidable technical knowhow of
our broadcast systems engineers.
As well as investment in staff, we
have stuck our necks out and spent
heavily – very heavily, to the tune of
£30m in three years – on the advanced
hardware required for ultra-high
definition television, the next major
step up in image quality following the
move to HD broadcasting a decade
or more ago. Our goal three years
ago was to help key clients pioneer
the move to UHD by amassing a
significant stock of the equipment
needed to deliver that. This now forms
the backbone of our rental inventory,
which is the premier fleet of its kind
UHD equipment in
action at the 2018
European Men’s
Handball Champonship
in Croatia
Our clients
rely on us for
our expertise,
and buying
power, and
turn to us for
whenever they
are investing
in the latest
or taking on
new projects
Exploring new markets
Our model for growth is now reaching
beyond just expanding the services we
offer. With such solid foundations in
place, we are able to look beyond the
established realms of the broadcast
and audio-visual arena and branch
out into non-traditional markets that
are leaping wholeheartedly into the
digital world. Corporations of all
sizes, houses of religious worship, arts
organisations and live event/concert
production companies are all investing
heavily in producing live TV or
streaming content. Above all, perhaps,
the esports market is exploding, with
formalised leagues and large-scale
tournaments offering six and seven-
figure prizes, all eager to live stream
their content to a huge fan base across
the globe.
Self-reflection and
Our outlook is not just customer-
facing. As the company has grown
rapidly, we have striven to identify
the improvements needed to sustain
and nurture our development.
That includes putting in place new
customer relationship and stock
management tools that can cope with
the complexities of how we now do
business. Much of our progress has
been in spite of, rather than because
of, the previous back-end systems that
had been running for over a decade.
Investing in the development of our
staff has taken on a new priority
level, allowing them to shape more
effectively their own skill sets, and
with that their career paths within the
We have looked to our local
community as an avenue where we
can put into practice our commitment
to corporate socialresponsibility.
We are a major funder of an annual
matched giving programme for youth
charities in the local area, and actively
encourage staff to get involved with
charity or social work.
In terms of taking the company
forward to further success, the
developments of the last three years
point the way ahead. Continuing to
bring added value – and more than
that, to become indispensable – to
our customers through the breadth
of our knowledge and experience
is key. Demonstrating to emerging
markets how we can help them make
the leap to professional broadcasting,
and the significant benefits of doing
that, will help us expand our verticals.
Underpinning our ambition with
consolidated planning, financial
stability and sound investment in staff
and systems will provide the bedrock
on which to build the future of
to emerging
markets how
we can help
them make the
leap to
and the
benefits of
doing that, will
help us expand
our verticals
Left: An outside
broadcast truck built for
horse racing broadcast
services supplier
Right: A three-studio
complex built for online
casino provider GameSys


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