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Highlighting best practice as a representative in The Parliamentary Review

The ability to listen and learn from one another has always been vital in parliament, in business and in most aspects of daily life. But at this particular moment in time, as national and global events continue to reiterate, it is uncommonly crucial that we forge new channels of communication and reinforce existing ones. The following article from Flame P R is an attempt to do just that. We would welcome your thoughts on this or any other Parliamentary Review article.


Highlighting best practice
CEO and Founder Kully Dhadda
The Flame PR team
Flame PR is a leading full-service integrated marketing and
public relations agency. Unlike many of its competitors, its
delivery encompasses appearances on top-tier media such
as the BBC, CNN and Sky News. Headquartered in London, its
world-class service delivery has seen rapid expansion in the UK,
the USA, Africa and Asia, which are its fastest-growing markets.
Former award-winning BBC journalist Kully Dhadda, who
founded the company in 2004, speaks about her career at the
BBC and Flame PR’s plans to become a top 50 company.
Our vision is to be a truly accountable and transparent company, achieving real
business outcomes through our services. We have developed a growing reputation
for our market-leading strategies, complemented by world-class execution. Our
guaranteed results-driven delivery model allows our clients to raise awareness and
promote their brands to a wide spectrum of stakeholders. During the 15 years
we have been running, we have created thought leaders and global brands alike
through a passion for crafting great stories and messages. We work closely with
clients to help fulfil their strategic corporate goals and empower them to deliver
important commercial results.
Our values are core to our mission; dedicating time to mentoring and training staff
is a major priority across every level of the business. Nurturing talent and giving
employees the opportunity to become exceptional practitioners are essential to
executing market-leading work for clients.
»CEO and Founder:
»Established in 2004
»Based in London
»Services: Public relations
»No. of employees: 15
»No. of clients: 20
Flame Public Relations
My story
Prior to setting up Flame PR, I was a
successful journalist with the BBC,
which was a childhood dream. One of
the first projects I undertook was the
launch of the BBC’s Asian Network.
At the time, the BBC was simulcasting
its programmes across the AM and
FM frequencies. The BBC was on the
verge of being stripped of its AM
licence following an intense period of
government lobbying by independent
competitor stations. Keen to keep its
licence, I was producing a series of
programmes targeting the large ethnic
minority community living in the West
Midlands region. The government
granted the BBC a temporary licence
to broadcast these shows. The
programmes were a hit with the local
communities, and I galvanised their
support to secure a permanent licence
for the BBC.
Very quickly, the region’s programmes
attracted national attention, and I
won the most prestigious award in the
British radio industry, the Silver Sony
Radio Academy Award for Eastern Beat
Chatline, also broadcast across the
nation on BBC Radio 5 Live. Today, the
Asian Network is classed as a national
icon, commanding much-envied
audiences across the UK and worldwide.
My career then took a more
permanent path into national news,
where I produced and reported for
household shows such as BBC’s
Breakfast News, Business Breakfast,
World Business Report, the Today
Programme and BBC Radio 5 Live.
While working at the BBC, I became
aware of the need for organisations
and companies to draft compelling
stories that merit the airways of
top-tier media such as the BBC and
ultimately drive growth for brands. This
was the inspiration for Flame PR.
Commitment to diversity
In addition to a “learning and training
culture”, diversity is also a top priority,
and we have one of the most diverse
workforces in the UK. Unlike the
general PR industry trend, diversity
courses through the veins of the
company at all levels, from the senior
leadership team through to the newest
recruits. We believe that diversity is
one of the most important contributors
to our success. We have promoted an
internal learning and
training culture
Our values are
key to our
Highlighting best practice
In addition to launching the Asian
Network, diversity continues to play
a prominent role for me. Over the
past six years, I have been judging
the Best Employers for Race Awards,
supported by HRH The Prince of Wales’
Business in the Community initiative.
The awards are hotly contested by
leading public and private-sector
We have a deep understanding of BAME
communities and have an exceptional
capability in helping organisations
across a range of different industries to
access these important groups.
Creating a global presence
Today, we work for a range of public
and private clients operating in the UK
and across the world. Our footprint
spans a range of industry verticals,
from technology, travel, education,
and financial services to cloud
technology, insurance, and diversity.
Our well-crafted thought leadership
pieces have become hot favourites
for clients the world over, driving
growth and deeper engagement across
a range of influential stakeholders.
Asa full-service marketing company,
we incorporate all aspects of public
relations, social media, content
creation, digital and account-based
marketing in its portfolio of services.
Outside of our headquarters in the
UK, our growth is being fuelled by
expanding mandates across multiple
countries, particularly in the USA,
Asia, and Africa. Our customers
operate as disruptors across a range of
sectors, so topics such as blockchain,
artificial intelligence, analytics,
and robotics feature heavily in our
thought leadership pieces and media
campaigns. Clients will typically appear
on high-profile national news shows
such as BBC Breakfast, the BBC’s
The Bottom Line programme and Sky
News with Ian King. Demand for our
access to prestigious media is driving
our growth as we march towards
becoming a top 50 company.
As we grow in size and expand further
into the global market, we are confident
we will maintain the principles and
values that have driven our success
Our mission is
to nurture
employees by
giving them
to become
Our clients are disruptors
across a range of sectors


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