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Highlighting best practice as a representative in The Parliamentary Review

The ability to listen and learn from one another has always been vital in parliament, in business and in most aspects of daily life. But at this particular moment in time, as national and global events continue to reiterate, it is uncommonly crucial that we forge new channels of communication and reinforce existing ones. The following article from Frontline Total Security is an attempt to do just that. We would welcome your thoughts on this or any other Parliamentary Review article.

Operations Director Lee Williams
Frontline Total Security, St
Originally providing security services for public-sector
organisations in the southwest, Frontline Total Security
have expanded rapidly by moving into a specialised
area: providing security officers within the adult care and
support industry. The most recent government-funded contract
has seen them secure a five-year contract deal to cover the
entirety of southern England. Key to this expansion has been
the creation of a monitoring programme that tracks progress
and ensures that their growth does not go beyond their
capability. Operations Director Lee Williams discusses how they
collaborate with their clients to train their staff and their plans
to expandfurther.
I established the business with my partner in 2006. Our main motivation was the
opportunity to work for ourselves, sustaining our future and creating and building a
company that could provide us with financial security in later life.
We had noticed a gap in the market in our local area, as while there were
companies operating locally, they were disparate and involved many small
companies performing small jobs. We thought we could bring these opportunities
together while looking for a marketplace where we could expand and grow.
Moving forward and growing have always been our key priorities, and we devised
a ten-year growth plan to drive us forward. We monitor our data and performance
weekly, monthly and quarterly to ensure that we are always aware of our progress.
This desire to improve has been in place since day one.
»Operations Director:
»Established in 2006
»Based in St Austell with
another office in Oxfordshire
»Services: Public sector security
»No. of employees: 104
Frontline Total Security
Highlighting best practice
Expanding and refining our
We have directed ourselves towards
government-funded contracts. Since
2009, we have focused on providing
specialist security officers to the
adult care and support environment.
The four main areas we presently
cover are prison release, drug and
alcohol, mental health, and young
and vulnerable services. We do not
work with hospitality venues, such
as pubs and clubs, as this is not our
focus. The public sector is our chosen
Based in Cornwall with an additional
office in Oxfordshire, we cover a
wide area, spanning from Hayes in
Middlesex to Penzance in Cornwall.
This area has been part of our
expansion, and this growth has been
reflected in our finances; last year, our
turnover reached £1.8 million. We
began with four employees – we now
have 104. Securing our cashflow was
central to our expansion, and making
sure our invoices were paid on time
was crucial.
Despite our expansion, one of our
main attractions is the level of care
and support that we feel only small
companies can offer and provide.
Beyond this, although we service a
larger area, we know all our customers
and the areas we work in. As we do
not subcontract, we make an effort to
know every staff member, all of whom
are on the pay-as-you-earn system.
This means that we can guarantee
a level of service, as we know our
employees are reliable, and this
security means that we can be flexible.
All of this ensures that we always fulfil
our contracts.
Working collaboratively with
our clients
We work collaboratively with all our
clients to ensure that all their needs
are fulfilled, and we are never more
than a phone call away. Our profile
has grown through word of mouth
and recommendations, and this has
been our strongest growth factor.
This has involved us being invited
to tender for contracts, which is
always a positive sign. Internally, we
hold monthly assessment meetings
at a managerial level and quarterly
meetings at a senior management and
procurement level.
In the adult care industry, this
collaboration is even more key. There
are many areas that need to be studied
to ensure that you are complying with
legislation. We provide additional
training to support this and have
created induction packs, which have
been distributed nationally to other
organisations. Much of this training is
conducted quarterly with our own staff
alongside managers from the clients
we work with. These joint training
sessions mean that we can exchange
information and expertise. This helps
to promote best practice and involves
using real examples of what has
previously happened.
We seek work under
The public
sector is our
Our monitoring programme is
extensive and involves a daily morning
meeting over the telephone where
we check in with our clients to ensure
that everything is running smoothly.
This monitoring process is how we
ensure that we are dealing with
everything efficiently and is even more
crucial for an expanding business. This
self-assessment allows us to prevent
ourselves from expanding quicker than
we can manage.
Keeping pace with our
The primary challenge we face
is covering the entirety of our
geographical area. As we have
expanded every year, so has our area
of operation, and it has been essential
to develop our infrastructure to make
sure that it can keep up. As we expand
further, this process will only continue,
and our monitoring programme
is vital to our efforts to tackle any
Finding staff is another central issue. It
is not easy to find good-quality, reliable
staff; as we expand, and thus require
more staff, this only becomes more
difficult. Beyond this, it is essential
that we manage our cashflow and
finances to ensure that we can afford
the new staff we hire as we expand.
For our next contract, which will last
five years, we have already quoted our
price. In this time, the living wage will
rise, so predicting these future rises,
and adapting the quote accordingly,
presents a challenge that we have
to overcome. With bigger contracts,
once the price is agreed, it is generally
locked in. While you can apply for
changes, it is better to calculate profit
margins effectively from the outset.
As a member of the Security Industry
Authority’s Approved Contractor
Scheme, we are guided by what
they do. This ensures that we remain
compliant with all legislation and
that we receive information that
allows us to keep up to date on any
developments within the industry.
As we are looking to expand further,
we have been approached by an
investment company, based in London,
who are looking to purchase six
companies to make a wider group.
We are currently in negotiations over
this, and we will have to decide the
right course of action for the company.
Their aim is to expand from the south
into the north and diversify beyond the
security industry. Whatever course of
action we take, we are confident that
we will be able to sustain our growth
and continue to expand.
We work
with all our
clients to
ensure that
their needs
are fulfilled
We work all across
southern England

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