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The ability to listen and learn from one another has always been vital in parliament, in business and in most aspects of daily life. But at this particular moment in time, as national and global events continue to reiterate, it is uncommonly crucial that we forge new channels of communication and reinforce existing ones. The following article from G B A Services is an attempt to do just that. We would welcome your thoughts on this or any other Parliamentary Review article.


Managing Director
Delivering logistics solutions to
customers across the UK and Europe
GBA Services Limited is a northwest England-based
logistics company with the goal of delivering logistics
solutions to its customers. Founded in 1987 by current
Managing Director David Birkbeck, it has grown from one truck
and one location to a multinational organisation with offices
and depots across the UK and Europe. GBA remains in the
ownership of the Birkbeck family and is built around three main
values: dedication, being enterprising and family values. David
elaborates on what these look like in practice.
Who we are
Strategically located in 16 locations across the UK and Europe, we operate over 350
of our own fleet vehicles and have over 400 employees to satisfy our huge partner
network. The nature of our bespoke solutions allows us to operate in several
industries, including the automotive industry, aviation, online and traditional retail,
and pharmaceuticals.
The services we supply are multimodal and include air, road and sea. We offer
all types of service levels, including time critical, temperature controlled, contract
logistics, high security and hazardous freight, as well as more standard cost-effective
A to B loads.
We have a structured system in place in order to provide a tailored experience for
our clients which best meets their specific needs. When contacting GBA, customers
will be put through to their known colleague, who understands their business.
We pride ourselves on building a strong relationship between the GBA colleague
»Managing Director:
»Founded in 1987
»Located in: Hesketh Bank,
»Services: Logistics
»No. of employees: 400
GBA Services
Highlighting best practice
and the customer, so we can provide
the right solutions for each customer.
Nothing is ever a matter of “take it
or leave it” here at GBA. All services
offered are bespoke to ensure we can
meet exactly the client’s requirements
for that individualjob.
How we deal with customers
What follows is an example of GBA
in action. We received an urgent call
requesting delivery of a replacement
engine located at London Stansted
airport. The destination: a grounded
plane in Riga, Latvia. The enquiry came
in early on a Wednesday morning. We
provided the customer with our most
cost-effective solution, and within an
hour of receiving the enquiry, we had
set to work on an emergency dash to
Stansted airport.
This was followed by a 2,500-kilometre
drive against the clock by a team
of drivers to meet their deadline.
Confirming ETAs along the way, GBA
collected the engine an hour ahead
of schedule from Stansted airport,
sending photographic evidence to
the customer of the secure load and
confirming full compliance with the
customer’s checklist. GBA reached
the airline maintenance facility at
Riga airport six and a half hours early,
with the customer confirming that
we had passed all security checks
and unloaded successfully and that
engineers could now work on getting
the plane back in the air.
This emphasises all three of our
values – dedication, being enterprising
and family values – in one job. We
are dedicated to meeting all types
of requirements, deadlines and
specifications to make sure our clients
are fully satisfied with the solutions
we provide. We aim to be enterprising
by thinking outside of the box; in this
case, we operated a team of vehicles
to maximise driving time, used Le
Shuttle for greater speed and drove
day and night to make sure we met
every need set by our customers.
Finally, we aspire to provide our
customer with the best care possible –
to treat them how we ourselves would
want to be treated, personified in this
instance by the customer service they
received over the phone, with updates
at every point of the process.
Growth, compliance and
Our long-term vision is to be recognised
as a top European logistics provider.
We believe this is an achievable target
and in line with our current rate of
growth. We’re on track to achieve
record revenue for the year end of
2019 for the third consecutiveyear.
We are expanding our operations
across Europe, with key investments
in place in Austria, Germany, Portugal,
Poland and Romania to help support
our growth over the years to come.
A recent example of growth was
our launch of GBA Skyway, a UK
nationwide scheduled airside delivery
and collection network delivering parts
directly for airside engineer support.
We are maximising our operations in
the e-commerce sector with several
large retailers in our customer portfolio,
as we see this as a long-term growth
opportunity that is Brexit-proof.
Expanding across Europe
We operate
day and night
to make sure
we meet every
need set by
our customers
GBA are committed to a strong stance
on corporate social responsibility,
with a passion for running our fleet as
environmentally efficiently as possible.
We also operate a policy of supporting
local charities close to our depots
to ensure we are giving back to the
community in any way we can. We
are highly compliant in our operations,
holding ISO9001 2015, ISO14001 and
ISO45001 certifications.
Recently, we have been listed as a
2019 finalist in the Business of the
Year category for Lancashire’s premier
business awards, the BIBAs. Furthermore,
we have been identified by the London
Stock Exchange Group as one of the
1,000 Companies to Inspire Britain
in 2019 – a prestigious accolade that
highlights small to medium enterprises
showcasing excellent growth,
innovation and jobcreation.
Opportunities and challenges
Today we are facing unprecedented
challenges in the logistics industry.
Firstly, there is a shortage of British
people wanting to become truck
drivers, which is increasing our
cost base. We are supporting the
Road Haulage Association’s “She”
campaign to encourage more
females into the industry while also
championing apprenticeship schemes.
Secondly,increasing congestion on our
roads means delays for our customers
and extra costs for us. In an industry
where margins are often wafer-thin,
having trucks wasting time sitting in
traffic does not help our bottom line.
Finally, of course, we have to
mention the B-word: Brexit. The huge
uncertainty has sent shock waves
through our customer base and the
whole logistics industry. As we write
this article, the type of Brexit we
will have remains wholly uncertain.
Undoubtedly for us, our costs will rise
due to the increased bureaucracy that
will come from leaving the customs
However, as with every problem, we
will find solutions. We have invested
in a huge training programme for
our employees on customs clearance
procedures, and we are making several
of our facilities fully customs compliant
to allow customers to “fast-track”
through potential queues at the ports.
Most fundamental of all, though, we
wish for clarity and therefore call on
politicians to quickly eliminate the
uncertainty for UK businesses.
Our long-term
vision is to be
recognised as a
top European
GBA Skyway Airside


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