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Highlighting best practice as a representative in The Parliamentary Review

The ability to listen and learn from one another has always been vital in parliament, in business and in most aspects of daily life. But at this particular moment in time, as national and global events continue to reiterate, it is uncommonly crucial that we forge new channels of communication and reinforce existing ones. The following article from Gable Essex is an attempt to do just that. We would welcome your thoughts on this or any other Parliamentary Review article.

Managing Director KevinShore
Our dedicated team
Gable Essex Ltd is based in Hornchurch, Essex, supplying
the logistics, distribution and commercial removals
sectors in the London, Essex, Kent area. Established
by Managing Directors Capricia and Kevin Shore in 1993,
Gable has always been proactive in adapting and evolving
ahead-of-market forces, enabling sustainable growth in
supplying a skilled temporary workforce. It now employs in
excess of 200 workers and is still growing. The directors tell
As a business, our growth has been dramatic in recent years, with 50 per cent in
2017 and our best ever year of growth in 2018. This growth has been the result of
the persistent hard work from our small but dedicated team. The ability to predict
and adapt to market demands along with offering numerous added value services
few competitors can offer keeps us well ahead of the curve – with 2019 looking to
be our best year yet.
Adapting to our customers’ needs
Demand for specialist recruitment companies with both value-added services and
a hands-on approach has seen a marked increase, with clients moving away from
generalist agencies to those who can offer niche, innovative solutions to their
clients’ recruitment needs. The demands of our clients are constantly changing,
and this is predominantly led by the lack of changing skills and availability of the
workforce available in the industry – a void that we are happy to fill.
»Managing Director: KevinShore
»Founded in 1993
»Based in Hornchurch, Essex
»Services: Temporary and
contract recruitment for the
logistics, distribution and
commercial removal industries
»No. of employees: Over 200
Gable Essex
Highlighting best practice
Implementing added value
We have always been able to work
with our clients to come up with
solutions, from implementing a range
of induction and training programmes
for their temporary labour to
organising ongoing in-house training.
We have partnered with local training
companies to organise training for
fork-lift truck drivers and cross-training
them on various types of vehicle, giving
clients a more flexible workforce.
Where there are several disciplines
within the same client company, we
have worked with them to organise
cross-training of the temporary
workforce so the clients can use the
workforce flexibly according to where
it is needed.
In recent times, we have been aware
of health and safety issues arising from
drug and alcohol use in the workplace
and have been at the forefront of
introducing a robust drugs and alcohol
screening policy within the temporary
labour market.
We have partnered with a highly
regarded toxicology company that
has trained all Gable’s staff to carry
out screening. This has been highly
successful, and we have now rolled
this out as an added service for our
Investing in our people
The service that we supply is honest,
reliable and passionate. Our staff
are extremely well trained and
knowledgeable, and have all been
working for us long term.
We have a company ethos of
promoting team working and all
our consultants are responsible for a
360-degree recruiting process, which
enables everyone to get to know the
clients, their particular needs and the
kind of skill set and characters that
would best suit them.
We are able to source the right
candidate as we carry out face-to-face
interviews, skill set-verified references
and eligibility-to-work checks.
Gable on-site training
The service
that we supply
is honest,
reliable and
Unlike most similar businesses in our
industry, our consultants are not
commission based but work according
to a bonus scheme in line with
company profitability.
This means that they are invested in
the company and provide a passionate,
comprehensive service that is unrivalled
in the sector.
Working in partnership with
our clients
Over the years we have always
prioritised long-term working
relationships with our clients. This
is not only achieved over the phone
or by email but also by way of
regular meetings both at our clients’
workplace and at our premises.
This allows us a much better
understanding of our clients’ operation
and their needs and expectations,
while inviting clients to our office
enables them to see how we operate
and to have confidence in our ability to
fulfil theirneeds.
Supplying a first-class service and
offering our clients innovative ideas
and alternative solutions to their
needs has enabled Gable to grow
substantially through what has been
an uncertain economic time, with
many companies within our industry
remaining static or shrinking.
What the future holds
We have several growth plans and
work is already in progress for 2019.
As well as supplying several large new
clients in the first quarter of 2019,
we have a number of expansion
projects with exciting clients, including
one who is opening a newly built
distribution centre where we will
be based on site, recruiting for the
initial opening and then assisting with
their ongoing temporary needs. We
have also gone live with our brand
new tailored software and website,
which will allow for further expansion,
enabling us to work seamlessly yet
remotely with any of our clients.
Our growth is being driven by
expansion within existing clients and
by client recommendations.
We are also regularly approached by
new companies that have heard about
our reputation for going the extra mile
and providing a first-class service.
We are growing rapidly within our
niche market. Our growth in the
commercial removal sector is evidence
of this; having started with some
smaller clients, we are now one of the
main suppliers to one of the biggest
commercial movers in the UK.
We supply skilled drivers, porters and
fitters, and our added services for
this client include ensuring that their
in-house paperwork is completed
by all candidates in our offices, that
the appropriate numbers of skilled
workers are security cleared for
numerous jobs and that we are on site
at 5.30am to check in our staff, who
can number in excess of 100 per day.
We are now rolling out this model into
We are
by new
that have
heard about
our reputation
for going the
extra mile and
providing a
Investing in staff training

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