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Highlighting best practice as a representative in The Parliamentary Review

The ability to listen and learn from one another has always been vital in parliament, in business and in most aspects of daily life. But at this particular moment in time, as national and global events continue to reiterate, it is uncommonly crucial that we forge new channels of communication and reinforce existing ones. The following article from Gwynne Dental is an attempt to do just that. We would welcome your thoughts on this or any other Parliamentary Review article.

Managing Director
Focusing on prevention
According to Managing Director Georgina Gwynne, Gwynne
Dental provides “exceptional primary care when patients
need it, to improve their long-term health”. Working
with over 5,000 patients across Hampshire, they put the needs
of patients and staff ahead of financial targets. Georgina and her
team attribute their success to this philosophy, having doubled in
size in the past three years. She discusses issues of staff retention
and changes in the industry with
TheParliamentary Review
Gwynne Dental is proof that a family-run independent surgery can thrive by
prioritising patients and staff over financial targets. As consolidation in the dental
sector continues, large practices are forced to focus on profit through optimising
appointment times, minimising cost of treatment and valuing patients as revenue-
generating customers. The rise in regulation, cost of compliance and need for
innovation have proved too much for many small independent surgeries.
By focusing on the quality of our care, both in terms of technical excellence and
by providing patients with a highly personalised service, we have doubled our
size in three years, minimised staff turnover and are sought after by new patients
We are proud to rise above these industry challenges, delivering the highest-quality
private dentistry and facial aesthetics treatments to over 5,000 patients in the heart
of Hampshire.
»Managing Director:
»Founded in 1974
»Located in Hampshire
»Services: Independent surgery
providing quality private
dentistry in the heart of
»No. of employees: 6
Gwynne Dental
Highlighting best practice
Our team and commitment to
our patients
Our team of four experienced
dentists and our hygienist provide the
highest standards of care across the
full breadth of dentistry when our
patients need it. We see emergency
appointments on the same day,
including over the weekend. Routine
appointments are seen within seven
days and all patients have a mobile
number for out-of-hours care.
We have a very low turnover of
dentists and nursing staff, which
means patients get to know their
dental team. Coupled with the
breadth of expertise we offer, our
patients trust us to provide them
with all classes of general dentistry
including cosmetic dentistry, children’s
dentistry, root canal treatment and
Developing this trusting relationship
with patients is a key driver of our
continued success, which in turn
allows us to invest in the latest industry
innovations in order to constantly
improve standards of treatment.
Our purpose
Our purpose is to provide exceptional
primary care when patients need it,
to improve their long-term health.
We understand the importance
of empathy, kindness and respect
when doing this and encourage
these core values in our patients,
staff and suppliers. Through showing
appreciation to one another within
the team, supporting the professional
development of our staff and
communicating effectively, we are able
to serve our patients with distinction.
Our sense of purpose extends beyond
the practice. In recent years we
have taken part in the Basingstoke
half marathon in aid of St Michael’s
Hospice, a self-funding end-of-life
A large proportion of our patients
work full-time or have children who
want to be seen out of school hours.
Responding to their needs, we added
early morning, evening and weekend
appointments. This has been enabled
by digitising many elements of the
business and by the flexibility provided
by our team. We offer disability
access and on-site car parking, and
we are located a short distance from
Basingstoke town centre.
Quality of care is our driver of
Across three generations of dentists,
we have observed changes to the
industry. Nationally, the industry is
consolidating, with digital innovation
and improvement in materials set
to dominate the next phase. The
transition from myriad individual
practices towards fewer, larger
companies will continue, particularly
with financial backers attracted by
the industry fundamentals. This is
creating demand for dentists to
work faster, use cheaper materials
where possible or limit the options
available to patients to increase
Every patient is different. To provide an
exceptional service means being highly
Situated in
Basingstoke, North
The Gwynne Dental
Our purpose is
to provide
primary care
when patients
need it, to
improve their
responsive and paying attention to
the patient’s personal circumstances.
We quickly assess patients to identify
anxieties or concerns and will always
make more time to do everything
we can to put the patient at ease.
We provide a comprehensive range
of treatment options for their care,
with the technical ability to meet all
of their dental needs using the latest
techniques and equipment. Through
clear communication of the options
available to them, the patient is in
control of their treatment.
Consequently, we do not rely on
financial targets to drive our business
or incentivise our dentists. We believe
in minimum intervention dentistry,
maximising long-term outcomes,
patient choice and published research
to inform our recommendations. It is
the quality of our care, and the pursuit
of excellence in our work that drives
our performance.
Creating a successful team
Sadly, the pressure of operating on
a high volume of nervous patients
has resulted in a profession with
a high incidence of depression,
burnout and suicide. We have
focused on creating a supportive and
collaborative team with shared values,
where each person brings their own
We have provided the opportunity to
develop individuals by encouraging
them to take on different roles.
Our practice manager previously
held a nursing role with us, as did
our hygienist until she re-trained.
Furthermore, we have provided life
coaching to our dentists to improve
their personal well-being and
Our flat team structure, shared values
and mutual respect have created
a place in which people are proud
Training dentists for success
Training for dentists at university is
provided on a technical level. However,
ultimately the development of the
profession will require dentists to
develop their business management
acumen. Gwynne Dental is a profitable
business and we believe for practices
like ours, support is required to help
younger and ambitious dentists to
also become successful business
professionals. Early development
of many of those skills should be
encouraged as without this, smaller
practices will not succeed, leaving the
larger players to dominate the market.
Young dentists also need to learn the
importance of soft skills and well-
being, to improve communication
effectiveness, empathy and time
management. Technical skills are
hugely important, but they are only
one piece in the jigsaw of what makes
a successful practice.
We have a vision for expanding on our
purpose, with the creation of private
auxiliary healthcare services, thereby
supporting the health and well-being
of our patients more comprehensively
than we can do today. Providing a
personal, reliable and high-quality
service, when patients need it, should
not be the exception in the UK, but the
It is the quality
of our care,
and the
pursuit of
excellence in
our work that
drives our
Our reception

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