Highlighting best practice
We use industry-leading
We offer national coverage
and tailored packages
HX Car Park Management Ltd was founded in 2014
and now has multiple ANPR (automatic number plate
recognition) sites across the country. The company
is based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, and specialises in
offering national coverage with local knowledge, with area
managers based throughout the UK and designated account
managers ensuring clear communication and efficient response
to queries. Managing director Kenny Marland discusses
HX Car Park Management’s specialities, including car park
management, car park enforcement, ANPR systems, ANPR
reporting and pay and display, his company’s unique approach
to these areas and how this approach sets them in good stead
for the future and for positive relations with the public.
Our unique approach to car park management
At HX Car Park Management, we pride ourselves on our fresh and modern
approach to the everyday operation of our nation’s private car parks. Our key
value is transparency and we strive to build trust with the British public. We
achieve this through our fair and rational approach to enforcement and by
adhering to the IPC code of practice and audit criteria. All our signage, site maps,
and contracts have to pass a stringent audit before we are authorised to manage/
enforce on any car park, always making the issuing of a ticket our last resort.
Car park management firms can often face negative stereotypes in the public
eye – we can be seen as greedy, uncompromising and all too eager to issue a
»Managing director:
»Established in 2014
»Based in Huddersfield, West
»Services: Car park
management and
enforcement, ANPR systems
and pay and display
»No. of employees: More than
»Accredited operators of
the International Parking
Community (IPC)
HX Car Park
parkingcharge notice (PCN) in the
interest of turning a quick profit. HX
Car Park Management believes in
doing things differently, however.
This can be best demonstrated by
the fact that we will never issue a
parking charge directly to a vehicle’s
windscreen we will always give
a case ample consideration before
issuing a ticket, with each case being
cross-referenced by trained individuals
within our office staff. This allows us
to ensure every ticket we process has
been issued correctly. In the instance
of car parks that require the customer
to remember their number plate and
subsequently enter it into a machine
when paying for their parking, we will
always make allowances for human
error. For example, if one of our ANPR
cameras detects that one vehicle in the
car park has not paid for its parking,
we will look at the parking tickets
purchased within the appropriate time
period for that day for any similar
number plates. Where we find a ticket
purchased with up to two digits’
difference from the number plate in
question, we will give the driver the
benefit of the doubt and dismiss the
case as human error.
ANPR systems have represented one
of the biggest changes to the car
park management industry in recent
years. ANPR systems operate night and
day and negate the need for a traffic
warden’s supervision. At HX Car Park
Management, we enjoy the non-
confrontational approach that these
systems can offer to us and clients
alike and feel that this complements
our transparent and trustworthy
approach to car park management.
The introduction of ANPR systems has
added a new level of factual data,
efficiency and reliability to the car
park industry which will persist into
Changes in the industry as a
whole – the Parking (Code of
Practice) Bill
When looking ahead to the coming
years, there are a few impending
changes that will undoubtedly affect
the entire private car park industry.
The first of these is the government’s
new proposal for a “Code of Practice”
bill to be introduced with reference to
parking regulations throughout the
UK. The bill is sponsored by Sir Greg
Knight MP and had its first reading in
July of 2017. The bill will introduce a
code of practice to better regulate the
management of parking on private
land. As great advocates of a fairer and We take a fresh
approach to private car
park management
Over 25,000
charges due
to human
error in 12
Highlighting best practice
less profit-orientated approach to car
park management, we at HX Car Park
Management eagerly welcome this
bill and greatly look forward to seeing
industry standards overall being raised
to the level that we have been striving
towards for many years.
A further change that has affected,
and will continue to affect, the
car park management industry,
along with an abundance of other
industries, is the new GDPR (General
Data Protection Regulation). Car
park management companies handle
great quantities of data and, when
combined with the aforementioned
less-than-favourable public perception
of the industry, will prove particularly
sensitive to new GDPR regulations.
HX Car Park Management recently
underwent a complete overhaul of
its data systems to ensure GDPR
compliance. We now exercise
extensive compartmentalisation of the
data that we collect and, once this
data has served its purpose, it will be
purged. For example, if a customer
enters our car park on a certain day
and subsequently exits having paid
the correct fee, that customer’s
registration details will remain in our
system for no longer than necessary
before they are deleted to comply
with GDPR. However, we can hold
data for up to six years if a parking
charge remains unpaid. This sensitive
handling of data will, again, reinforce
the level of trust that we share with
our customers.
Our vision for the future
A key objective for the company will
be continued expansion throughout
the UK, with an aim to eventually
invest directly into the car parks
themselves, thus becoming land-
owners. We will strive for expansion
while never abandoning our values
and we will proceed in our endeavour
to lead the car park management
industry down a fairer and more
ethical road. We believe that the
industry is changing for the better and
we are excited to witness the effects
of Sir Greg Knight’s Parking (Code of
Practice) Bill on industry standards. We
hold on, hoping that the industry will
soon be seen in a far more positive
light by the general public and that
the stereotypes of old, depicting traffic
wardens and car park management
companies as the common enemy, will
soon be forgotten.
We welcome
changes to
the private
Our ANPR technology is