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Highlighting best practice as a representative in The Parliamentary Review

The ability to listen and learn from one another has always been vital in parliament, in business and in most aspects of daily life. But at this particular moment in time, as national and global events continue to reiterate, it is uncommonly crucial that we forge new channels of communication and reinforce existing ones. The following article from Hill Avenue Primary is an attempt to do just that. We would welcome your thoughts on this or any other Parliamentary Review article.


Elliott Hateley, head teacher
Thematic curriculum
In recent years, Hill Avenue Academy has received national
acclaim as one of the top performing schools in the country.
They are an average-sized primary school and are part of Manor
Multi-Academy Trust, based in the city of Wolverhampton.
When the school, under its previous name of Hill Avenue Primary
School, was last inspected, in February 2015, it failed to provide
an acceptable standard of education for children and fell into
“special measures”.
Since then, rapid improvements to teaching and learning, the curriculum and the
assessment system have seen the school go from strength to strength with notable
successes in the statutory assessment tests for Key Stages 1 and 2 in 2016 and
2017 respectively. These remarkable achievements indicate that the children now
achieve standards in reading, writing, maths and grammar that are significantly
above national statistics, therefore ranking the school in the top 10 per cent of
schools nationally. Hill Avenue Academy now offers support to schools within
the city by the use of a qualified local leader of education (LLE) and four specialist
leaders of education (SLE).
Former Ofsted inspector, D. Driscoll summarised that, “One of the main reasons
for pupils’ good or outstanding progress is the quality of teaching they receive. The
quality of teaching has vastly improved since the school was last inspected.”
It is our aim to be an inspirational school, in the heart of a richly diverse community.
We strive for excellence in all facets of school life, enabling our children to
achieve the highest potential in all areas of the curriculum. Teaching and learning
encompasses a variety of experiences that elevate knowledge and understanding,
providing a foundation for education beyond the primary years.
»Head teacher: Elliott Hateley
»Founded in the 1950s
»Based in Wolverhampton
»Deprivation: 30 per cent
»Academy conversion date:
December 1, 2016
»EAL: 32 per cent
»No. of pupils: 325
»No. of staff: 13 teachers,
6support staff, 3 senior leaders
(head, deputy, assistant),
3middle leaders, 1 local
leader of education, 3specialist
leaders of education
»Pupil premium: 34per cent
»Free school meals: 35 per cent
»Cohort numbers: 45 pupils per
year group, 25 nursery pupils
»Staffing restructure
commenced in July 2015
Hill Avenue Academy
Highlighting best practice
Regardless of the subject, pupils
demonstrate a good depth
of knowledge and are able to
clearly explain their thinking and
reasoning. They have an excellent
grasp ofthe correct terminology
to use in a particular subject, and
do so accurately”
D. Driscoll, 2017
We are a values-based school,
which nurtures inquisitiveness and
imagination through a broad, balanced
and newly designed curriculum. Our
children learn to become resilient and
confident at a school where they feel
valued and encouraged. We challenge
and motivate children to thrive and
achieve as individuals, preparing them
for their role as kind and caring citizens
in modern society.
Our school nurtures curiosity and
creativity through an inspiring, broad
and engaging curriculum, where
learning is paramount. The children
of Hill Avenue Academy learn to
become resilient and self-assured in
an environment where they are safe
and encouraged to excel in all they do.
We embrace challenge and encourage
achievement as individuals. This prepares
them for the fast-paced, competitive
nature of our modernworld.
Staff at Hill Avenue work in partnership
with all schools in the Manor Multi-
academy trust, most notably Manor
Academy. Manor has established high-
profile links with other teaching schools
around the country, and through our
school’s close association with them,
our teachers benefit by attending
significant national training events. The
continued professional development of
our team is paramount to ensuring our
children receive the best education.
As such, we ensure our teachers have
access to the expertise of professional
facilitators with direct links to the
Department for Education (DfE) and the
most recent pedagogicaldevelopments.
We value the views of our children by
annually instating a Pupil Leadership
team that drives standards and key
issues. Children also benefit from
aspirational extracurricular learning
opportunities accredited by the Children’s
University, a methodology that prepares
children with an early understanding
of higher education. The school also
benefits from regular visits from external
partners: local MPs, councillors, religious
leaders, creative educational providers,
all of which support our ongoing self-
review anddevelopment.
We have a bespoke reflective
behaviour management system that
aims to develop positive habits of
self-discipline, respect and integrity
for children. Our philosophy is to
empower our pupils with the ability
to control their learning environment,
thereby providing transferable skills for
life beyond their primary education.
Forward thinking
Growing hearts and
The ambitious
culture created
by senior
leaders is
having a
positive impact
on the quality
of education
provided by
the school
Simon Mosley
Inspector (HMI)
High levels of
Learning environments at Hill Avenue
Academy present a hub of highly
engaged children benefiting from
a bespoke curriculum that teachers
deliver using innovative teaching and
learning techniques. Our inclusive
settings promote high levels of
independence and collaboration,
guaranteeing learners an opportunity
to shine in their own unique way.
A buzz of
Pioneering new and exciting strategies
forms a nucleus of cross-curricular
learning experiences. Lessons
interweave implicit links with other
curriculum areas to provide children
with a range of opportunities,
making prior learning meaningful
and sustainable. Our children lead
their own learning and have a locus
of control, which enables teachers
to facilitate and nurture memorable
moments in a child’s development.
An abundance of
Our teachers provide learning
opportunities that skyrocket learning
to earth-shattering heights. Whether a
journey through space or a quantum
leap in time, our enthusiastic teachers
and children display an energy and
thirst for thought-provoking subject
matter. Our exciting and engaging
children are motivated for learning
with a desire to absorb and an
excitement about achievement.
the lives of children
Extracurricular learning opportunities
each term, validated by the Children’s
University, provide a rewarding
approach towards after-school clubs
at our school. There are a variety of
clubs on offer each term for children
to enjoy led by the staff and external
providers. Children collect “stamps”
and hours of accredited learning. This
contributes towards an end-of-year
certificate, encouraging children to
aspire and succeed in a wide range
of worthwhile out-of-school-hours
learning opportunities.
Experiential learning is an innovative
element to our school’s creative
learning. Each term, the whole
school embarks on a real-life learning
experience that encompasses our
core values, strengths and curriculum
to ignite imagination and deepen a
child’s level of understanding. Our
exciting experiential learning initiatives
help develop the fundamental key
skills in reading, writing and maths
combined with cross-curricular
learning opportunities and a real-
life twist. Some previous project
»Exploring scientific concepts after a
spaceship crash landed in the school
»Learning about the life of Roald Dahl
through theatre
»Journeying through time to
understand key aspects of history
»Raising awareness of racism through
the national initiative “Show Racism
the Red Card”
»Learning about performance poetry
alongside a professional poet.
Inspiring children
Children are
able to give
useful and
which enable
other pupils to
make improved
progress. Pupils,
particularly the
most able, can
also give high-
quality verbal
feedback, when
appropriate, at
different stages
of their


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