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Highlighting best practice as a representative in The Parliamentary Review

The ability to listen and learn from one another has always been vital in parliament, in business and in most aspects of daily life. But at this particular moment in time, as national and global events continue to reiterate, it is uncommonly crucial that we forge new channels of communication and reinforce existing ones. The following article from ICC Solutions is an attempt to do just that. We would welcome your thoughts on this or any other Parliamentary Review article.


Highlighting best practice
David Maisey, co-founder and
Helping to fly the flag for British exporting,
offering secure payment solutions
Based in Warrington, Cheshire, ICC Solutions is a company
that enables the implementation of secure payments to
banks, merchants and their technology partners, principally
with chip and PIN and mobile payment devices. The company,
incorporated in 1996 and owned by founder directors David and
Wendy Maisey, operates from its centre of excellence in Cheshire
and has a strong commitment to improving the future of young
people in the UK as well as Commonwealth links. It is also at the
fore of promoting exporting, both through public engagement
and through practice – a fact attested to by 95 per cent of
their revenue having its origin from abroad. CEO David Maisey
describes the company’s approach and success.
What we do
Essentially, we are an EMV-qualified (Europay, Mastercard and Visa) test tool and
certification vendor, dedicated to innovation and leaving an imprint in the market.
For example, by investing heavily in research and development, my company
developed a fundamentally new climate of certification for the North American
market, one which is used by the largest merchant acquirer in the USA, namely
Vantiv, now Worldpay. This new environment allowed clients to fully control their
testing, which in turn helped their companies surmount the great challenges posed
by the problem of scalability resulting from the magnitude of the US market. By
combining in this manner an international outlook with innovation, I managed to
vastly increase the percentage of our turnover of foreign origin.
»Co-founder and director:
David Maisey
»Established in 1996
»Based in Warrington, Cheshire
»Services: Implementation of
secure payments to banks,
merchants and technology
»More than 40 employees
ICC Solutions
At the core of our business model is
the ethos that we ought to go the
extra mile – not just in terms of our
customers (important though that
is) but also in terms of our staff and
the wider population. In terms of
our customers, we ensure that they
have the best possible experience
when working with us, from start
to finish. This requires that our staff
are proactive and always seeking
opportunities to do more and improve
their service. In terms of the wider
community, on the other hand, we
strive to bring knowledge about
exports to an ever wider audience,
particularly young people – young
people, of course, being the future
stewards of this country and the
international community. To this end,
we have piloted an exports learning
scheme with The Duke of Edinburgh’s
Award (DofE) – the aim of which was
to ignite a passion in young people for
this aspect of conducting business. It
was a great source of joy for me when
it was decided that this would become
an option on the DofE award syllabus,
meaning that some 400,000 young
people each year would now have the
opportunity to learn about exporting.
Even at this early stage, there are
stories of young people wanting to
embark on a career of this sort.
Moreover, in March of this year, we
were heavily involved in the formation
of the Merseyside & Cheshire
Commonwealth Association (the
largest Commonwealth Association in
the UK), with the aim of promoting ties
with these parts of the world and of
improving trade relations – something
which our company and others like us
have a strong interest in promoting.
Spotting opportunities
One reason, we believe, that we can
perform so well in the export market
is the British brand, so to speak.
As I remarked at one of the award
ceremonies for the Queen’s Award
for Enterprise: “We are favoured
because of that marvellous British
‘soft power’ – people enjoy doing
business with a British company so
we often get favoured”. We believe
this is an enduring fact about this
country. No matter the political tide
of the international community, we
will always have behind us the political
and linguistic advantages that history
has afforded us – something that will
continue to benefit us for as long
as English is the lingua franca of the
business world.
Another key to success in this
area is being able to navigate the
business world on terms agreeable to
Wendy Maisey,
co-founder and director
young people
each year now
have the
opportunity to
learn about
Highlighting best practice
international clients. Part of this entails,
for instance, adapting to time zones
and engaging in physical, face-to-face
meetings. Indeed, it was by being
proficient in these domains that I was
able to get into this industry in the first
place. Because of our forthrightness in
terms of international trade, we have
been the recipient of many awards,
notably the Queen’s Awards for
Enterprise, the highest accolade for
British companies – an award we’ve
won four times.
Politically speaking, Brexit does offer a
degree of uncertainty – something that’s
generally unwelcome to businesses. It
also requires from us close vigilance with
respect to new trade agreements and
regulations. Nevertheless, we believe
it is also accompanied by many great
opportunities, not least an enhanced
ability to forge closer links with the
Commonwealth. This is particularly
useful given the growth that many
of these countries are experiencing,
and – in particular – given the move
India is making from cash to plastic
transactions, which is something of
particular interest to my business.
What’s arguably more disruptive than
Brexit is the notoriously ever-changing
landscape of the technology sector.
The companies that will survive and
thrive in this environment are those
that are most flexible and adaptable,
and those whose staff will be up to
date with education and training.
Above all, it is these companies that
will thrive – perhaps even because of
Brexit and not merely despite it.
The future
There is still, though, the question
of where from here. As mentioned
before, we have to ensure we trace
international developments closely,
and this includes the Brexit process.
Many economies in the world are
not yet developed, and therefore
constitute potential markets for us.
We will continue to pursue these
opportunities, and to do so will require
the adaptability and energy that so
characterises our company – traits that
will bring us more successes of the
kind we’re accustomed to.
We believe
Brexit isalso
accompanied by
many great
not least an
enhanced ability
to forge closer
links with the
David and Wendy
Maisey, along with
David Briggs MBE, KStJ,
The Lord-Lieutenant of
Cheshire, presenting the
award to the winning
school of the DofE
Exporting Excellence


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