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Highlighting best practice as a representative in The Parliamentary Review

The ability to listen and learn from one another has always been vital in parliament, in business and in most aspects of daily life. But at this particular moment in time, as national and global events continue to reiterate, it is uncommonly crucial that we forge new channels of communication and reinforce existing ones. The following article from Innecto Reward Consulting is an attempt to do just that. We would welcome your thoughts on this or any other Parliamentary Review article.

Managing Director
Karen Thornley
Our clients trust us to
deliver innovative reward
Founded in 2002 by Deborah Frost, Innecto Reward
Consulting is a specialist pay and reward consultancy with
offices in London and Marlborough, Wiltshire. Over the last
17 years, Innecto have built on their reputation for commercial,
innovative consultancy and digital solutions and have worked
with a variety of fast-growth SMEs and large corporates across
the country. Working with high-profile clients such as ITN,
Caffè Nero, the National Trust, Boden, Skyscanner and Arsenal
Football Club, Innecto have pioneered the use of pay and
reward to drive productivity. Managing Director Karen Thornley
The Parliamentary Review
As the UK’s largest independent reward consultancy, we provide honest advice,
support and practical help to solve any challenge relating to attracting, retaining
and motivating people. Through our highly experienced team of client directors and
reward consultants, we provide the insight and expertise to leverage pay and reward
spend and to harness the power of a business’s greatest asset: itsemployees.
The value we add
As a discipline centred on numerical evidence and data analysis, reward is often at
odds with the people-facing soft skills of generalist human resources practitioners.
Our specialist expertise plugs that knowledge gap and helps to leverage the
power of reward to its full potential. When you consider how much money the
average company spends on staff salaries, it’s imperative to maximise the return
»Managing Director:
»Director of Consulting: Justine
»Established in 2002
»Based in Marlborough,
»Services: Pay and reward
»No. of employees: 20
»High-profile client base
including household
name retailers, media and
entertainment providers, major
city law firms, large not-for-
profit organisations, and fast-
growth technology companies
Innecto Reward
Highlighting best practice
Furthermore, an organisation’s reward
strategy not only directly impacts its
bottom line but also provides the
key to driving operational efficiency
and gaining competitive advantage.
Working across the reward spectrum,
we partner with our clients to help
them to maximise their employee
lifetime value, resulting in cost savings,
improved engagement and enhanced
productivity. Our solutions are always
made to measure and reflect each
client’s unique DNA.
We offer a comprehensive suite of
consultancy services across the pay
and reward spectrum, including
reward strategy, pay structures, pay
benchmarking, job evaluation, gender
pay and executive remuneration. These
services are supported and, in some
cases, delivered through our market-
leading proprietary software solutions
PayLab, Evaluate and Advance.
Pioneering the implementation of
human resources technology, we have
developed two proprietary cloud-
based solutions that represent the
cutting edge of job evaluation and pay
benchmarking software. Both solutions
are exclusive to us – their efficiency
saves our clients time and money, as
well as enabling a more agile approach
to human resources fulfilment.
Our main competitors are the Big
Four accountancy practices and
international consultancies, but we’ve
always punched above our weight in
both the quality of our work and the
calibre of our clients.
Our people are our strength
The guiding principle in the
appointment of all consultants is
that they have done the job that our
clients do. It changes the nature of the
relationship and allows trust to develop
quickly – and it works. The result is
better collaboration, open and honest
relationships, and, ultimately, successful
projects that make our clients happy
and stand the test oftime.
Led by Director of Consulting Justine
Woolf, our team of highly skilled
and experienced client directors take
ownership of projects from start
to finish and take pride in building
enduring relationships.
The majority of our employees have
been with us for four years or more,
and several are approaching their
ten- or even 15-year anniversaries. We
always look to find ways we can make
our working arrangement productive
and fair. Many staff work flexible
hours or balance working from home
with travel to see clients. We want to
work in partnership with our staff to
ensure that we are all committed to
our future, collectively growing and
enhancing our reputation.
Our values form the foundation of
everything we do and were created by
the team, focusing on the aspects that
we know make us successful, so they
really do reflect the way we operate
in real life. We enjoy our work, having
a laugh along the way and sharing
our passion with others. Our culture
is collaborative and we work together
as a team, catching each other so no
Justine Woolf leads our
consultancy team
Our solutions
are always
made to
measure and
reflect each
client’s unique
Our employees enjoy a high degree of
personal responsibility and integrity,
working to high standards and always
aiming to deliver their best. We are
nimble, thoughtful and experienced
consultants who have the freedom to
create bespoke solutions that meet the
exact requirements of our clients.
We are the reward partner of choice
for some of the best-known brands in
the world: FTSE 100 companies, high
street names, leading charities and
public service giants.
Developing client relationships
Our skill at building strong client
connections is evidenced by the fact
that over 70 per cent of our clients
return to work with us within three
years. Some of our ongoing client
relationships have endured for over ten
years, and, while happy to undertake
one-off projects, we’re always looking
to leverage clients’ pay and reward
spend through a long-termlens.
Working across the private, public
and non-profit sectors, we work
with organisations of varying sizes
and aspirations, from fast-growth
start-ups through to mature, global
organisations. In all cases, we take
the time to understand clients’ goals
and challenges and design long-term
solutions that will help them to achieve
goals, streamline processes and align
HR strategies with overarching business
The UK’s current work challenges
include a highly competitive job
market, skills shortages in key
industries and a persistent gender pay
gap – as well as an overall productivity
issue. This climate reinforces the need
for human resources functions to hone
their reward strategies and for the
function as a whole to transition from
a cost centre to a business hub.
Moving forward together
In February 2019, we were delighted
to announce our acquisition by AIM-
listed employee services business
Personal Group Holdings plc.
We’ll continue to deliver innovative
reward consultancy and digital
solutions, while our association with
Personal Group gives us exceptional
opportunities for growth and
development. Personal Group’s
market-leading employee services align
perfectly with our reward expertise,
meaning that together we can help
our clients to join the dots between
pay and benefits provision.
The acquisition has also seen Deborah
Frost move across to take the role
of CEO of the group, where she will
continue to oversee the development
and growth of Innecto. We have a
strong, established team, and for
our clients the message is clear: it’s
business as usual. With the backing of
Personal Group, we now look forward
to extending our benefits and digital
offerings and delivering increased
value to our clients.
We are the
partner of
choice for
some of the
brands in the
Our values form the
foundation of everything
we do

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