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The ability to listen and learn from one another has always been vital in parliament, in business and in most aspects of daily life. But at this particular moment in time, as national and global events continue to reiterate, it is uncommonly crucial that we forge new channels of communication and reinforce existing ones. The following article from L E E C is an attempt to do just that. We would welcome your thoughts on this or any other Parliamentary Review article.

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Managing Director Paul Venners
The LEEC in-house mortuary
and post-mortem training
room, Nottingham, England
Nottingham-based LEEC Ltd designs, manufactures and
installs specialist equipment for laboratory, pathology,
forensic, life sciences and crematorium fields. One of their
chief commitments is providing solutions for clients that are
bespoke to operational and end-user needs. They’ve been working
in the industry for well over half a century. After attaining a strong
market share in the UK and completing a management buyout,
they started looking further abroad. Today, they are working
with clients from all over the world. Because of this global
expansion, they won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise, growing
sales by 60 per cent between 2013 and 2016, 26 per cent of
which is attributed to export. Managing Director and company
owner Paul Venners tells
TheParliamentary Review
Established in 1953, we began primarily as designers and manufacturers of laboratory
equipment, cornering the market with innovative carbon dioxide incubators. From
the mid 1980s, we diversified to offer pathology and forensic equipment, and I was
tasked with developing that market when joining LEEC in 1988.
We originally supplied clientele such as general laboratories, funeral directors,
hospital mortuaries and legal forensic centres. In recent years, we have developed
much further, moving into similarly aligned markets, which builds on our core
product and technical expertise, now enabling the supply of equipment to
histopathology laboratories, medical school teaching facilities, life science research
centres and crematories.
»Managing Director: Paul Venners
»Founded in 1953
»Located in Nottingham
»Services: Facility design
»No. of employees: 81
»LEEC have on numerous
occasions supplied pathology
equipment to TV dramas and
Hollywood blockbusters
Highlighting best practice
Broadening our horizons
For the last six decades, we have been
constantly developing our equipment
portfolio, and we are now a market
leader for laboratory and pathology
equipment, with major growth
achieved in additional markets through
unique USPs and a fantastic growing
list of reference sites. This is all driven
by what I am proud to say is a hard-
working and cohesive team, collectively
offering clients a comprehensive end-
to-end service.
Having firmly established itself as
the market-leading brand nationally,
it was clear that future growth and
sustained longevity would come from
international opportunities. This was
an important consideration when
contemplating the future during 2007,
while managing the complex estate of
LEEC’s former owner.
The decision to pursue export
opportunities was a key decision-
maker in buying LEEC, albeit not an
easy one, given that retirement might
not be so distant. There was only one
option, however, because I believe
in the brand and the team of people
behind it. The rest from there was
history, and I spent the best part of five
years travelling the world.
LEEC have developed a fantastic
network of international partners
and distributors in key locations,
which allow new opportunities to
be targeted. LEEC now work with
distributors, sometimes on a supply-
only basis and at other times assisting
them with installation requirements,
depending on the size of the project.
On occasion our international partners
will source high-value opportunities
which, because of their complex
contractual nature, will require LEEC to
work directly.
We have had fruitful relationships
with many companies abroad, such
as our relationship with Australian
distributor partner Enware, with whom
we won a contract in 2018 to supply
38 bespoke post-mortem tables to the
New South Wales Forensic Pathology
and Coroners Court Facility, the largest
public mortuary in Australia.
LEEC equipment in
the New South Wales
Coroners Court,
We have had
with many
abroad, such
as our
with Australian
Underpinned by a commitment
to the highest standards
One of the pillars of our success is our
organisational structure, which, when
conducting the MBO, involved a large
investment in additional staff and even
further investment in both the office
and factory facilities.
Testifying to the quality of our product
and services, Professor Dame Sue Black
DBE OBE – at the time of reference,
Director of the Centre for Anatomy
and Human Identification (CAHID),
University of Dundee – said about us:
“As a leading expert in the design and
manufacture of equipment to hospital
mortuaries and post-mortem facilities,
LEEC worked closely with me and my
team to develop a range of bespoke
equipment that would facilitate a
method of embalming not previously
used in any other UK anatomy
facility. In listening to the university’s
requirements, LEEC were able to
interpret our needs, producing designs
which were at the time unavailable
in the market, thereby enabling safe,
single-user unassisted operation and
maximising space within the lab. Since
this time, we have been proud to
promote LEEC’s ingenuity, quality of
equipment and collaboration to other
facilities globally.”
This highlights another important
component of our business, which
is our ability to create and deliver
bespoke solutions tailored to our
clients’ needs. Professor Black
continued by saying, about our
solutions, “I have absolutely no
hesitation in recommending this
company to any organisation
designing, building or fitting out
mortuary or embalming facilities – they
are a strategic part of our success.”
What we make of the future
Many people in business are of course
concerned about Brexit, but at LEEC
we generally work further abroad,
outside of Europe – and it’s in this
wider area that we have continued to
grow and expand. We, like the rest
of the nation, are watching Brexit
carefully, and we are concerned
about the eventual outcome, but we
have to continually strive forwards.
International opportunities will not
wait, and neither can we – naturally,
what would be helpful is some form of
certainty, one way or another, as I am
sure most would agree.
Great Britain is still, and always will be,
great; the frustrating thing I believe
for businesses is that collectively
this country has a wonderful
international reputation of supplying
innovative high-quality products. Our
international customers know and
respect this; they want to do business
with us and we want to do business
with them. We all just want to get on
with it!
In our time of operating, we have seen
all kinds of challenges, and we have
overcome them too. Our broad market
share and high level of expertise will
continue to see us through, whatever
comes our way. All that’s required
is that we maintain our unerring
commitment to providing the best-
quality service and working precisely
to our clients’ needs – and that is just
what we will do.
Many people in
business are of
about Brexit,
but at LEEC we
generally work
further abroad,
outside of
LEEC patented
independent cage lifter
and Thiel embalming
tank, Dundee University


This article was sponsored by L E E C. The Parliamentary Review is wholly funded by the representatives who write for it. The publication in which this article originally appeared contained the following foreword from Rt Hon Michael Gove.

Rt Hon Michael Gove's Foreword For The Parliamentary Review

By Rt Hon Michael Gove

This year's Parliamentary Review comes at a momentous time for parliament, as we collectively determine the destiny of the United Kingdom. 

On October 31, the UK will leave the European Union. The successful implementation of this process is this government's number-one priority.

Three years after a historic referendum vote, we will deliver on the decisive mandate from the British people. Trust in our democracy depends on it. Until that final hour, we will work determinedly and diligently to negotiate a deal, one that abolishes the backstop and upholds the warm and close relationship we share with our friends, allies and neighbours in the EU. But in the event that the EU refuses to meet us at the table, we must be prepared to leave without a deal.

As the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, it is my job to lead on this government's approach, should that scenario happen. Preparing for Brexit is my department's driving mission. But while I am leading this turbocharged effort, the whole of government is committed to this endeavour.

Ministers across Whitehall are working together to ensure that every possibility is considered, every plan is scrutinised and every provision is made. A daily drumbeat of meetings means that we are holding departments accountable, so that preparations are completed on time.

The chancellor has confirmed that all necessary funding will be made available. And we have mobilised thecivil service, assigning 15,000 of our most talented civil servants to manage our exit from the EU.

We will make sure that on November 1, there is as little disruption to national life as possible. Our trade relationships will continue to thrive, thanks to agreements with countries around the world worth £70 billion. Our country will remain secure, thanks to nearly 1,000 new officers posted at our borders. And the 3.2 million EU nationals now living and working among us can remain confident, with absolute certainty, of their right to remain in the UK.

Above all, our goal is to be transparent. Soon, we will launch a public information campaign so that citizens, communities and businesses are ready and reassured about what will happen in the event of “no deal”.

In my first few weeks in this role, I have travelled to ports and tarmacs, borders and bridges, all across the UK –from the seaside of Dover to the rolling green hills of County Armagh. I have heard from business owners and border officials, farmers and hauliers. They are ready to put an end to uncertainty. And they are ready to embrace the opportunities ahead.

Our departure from the EU will be a once in a lifetime chance to chart a new course for the United Kingdom. Preparing for that new course will be a herculean effort. But this country has made astounding efforts before. We can do it again.
Rt Hon Michael Gove
Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster