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Highlighting best practice as a representative in The Parliamentary Review

The ability to listen and learn from one another has always been vital in parliament, in business and in most aspects of daily life. But at this particular moment in time, as national and global events continue to reiterate, it is uncommonly crucial that we forge new channels of communication and reinforce existing ones. The following article from Lollipop Events is an attempt to do just that. We would welcome your thoughts on this or any other Parliamentary Review article.

Director Rachelle Harte
Orpington 1st Royal Wedding
May 2018
Based in Dartford, Kent, Lollipop Events plan and project-
manage private parties and corporate and public events.
In addition, they have their own children’s party venue
for hire. Director Rachelle Harte says that flexibility and
inclusiveness reside at the core of the company’s ethos –
flexibility in terms of the services Lollipop Events will perform
for their clients, and inclusivity in terms of helping those who
are most vulnerable to partake in events they might have
otherwise avoided. Rachelle explains these company values
in greater detail, while also offering insight into market
developments over the years.
When the business started, we wanted to stand out in the market. We decided to
concentrate on organising children’s parties, and at the time we did not know of
any other companies offering this service. The plan was to build a reputation before
moving into other areas of event management. This happened more quickly than
we imagined, as satisfied customers soon began to ask us to do more and more
We are very focused on our clients’ goals and are passionate about providing the
right end result for each client. We look at how we can help them achieve their
business goals through events and deliver professionally managed projects with
objectives agreed upfront so that we can be held accountable and our clients can
measure the return on their investment. We do not advertise; most of our business
is by word of mouth, and we have helped thousands of clients put on events.
»Director: Rachelle Harte
»Founded in 2002
»Located in Bromley and
»Services: Private parties,
corporate and public events
»No. of employees: 22
Lollipop Events
Highlighting best practice
Surviving waves of disruption
We do a lot of work with business
improvement districts, town centres
and shopping centres. Our own
experience of adapting our business
strategy to guide us through the
recession helps us understand the
challenges facing our high streets.
Through events, we help our clients
achieve their aims. So, rather than
just putting on an event, we are very
proud to be contributing to building
communities, driving footfall to areas
that are in need of regeneration,
helping to put businesses in empty
shops and enabling consumers to
regain confidence in their local shops.
In short, we’re doing our part to
ensure a future for town centres.
Events are totally discretionary and
will be the first thing to cut when
times get hard. The recession hit the
events industry hard, and many event
companies went out of business.
Political events, technology and
consumer trends have a huge impact
on us. We must therefore constantly
think about how we can continue to
differentiate ourselves in the market
and look at what’s happening in
our clients’ world that may affect
our business. An example of that is
the recent news around the decline
of shopping centres. If they close,
we will lose customers, so we have
to consider new types of customers
and come up with new ways to keep
growing. You have to be nimble and
able to adapt quickly if you are going
to remain future-proof. By doing
this, we have increased turnover by
more than 100 per cent in the last
Inclusion and reaching out
We have recently set up a not-for-
profit company so that we can help
community-led volunteer groups
raise funds to put on professionally
managed events. These customers are
groups that have previously run events
that have become so large that they
can no longer manage them. Through
this model, we can apply for grants
and sponsors, so that we get paid and
can make sure the events are safe,
enjoyable and well attended.
We have a goal to make all our events
completely inclusive to everybody
– every age and every ability. We
imagined what it would be like for
people with complex disabilities and
how likely they and their families are
to be able to enjoy public events. Most
event organisers will have arranged for
an accessible toilet and parking, but
Elegant Baby Shower
The Belvedere Holland
Summer Festivals
The recession
hit the events
industry hard,
and many
went out of
We have
listened to our
customers and
let them guide
us in new
we recognise that is not anywhere near
enough for someone with complex
needs and that getting out into the
community is essential for their mental
and physicalwellbeing.
We are working with various groups
to put together a package that will
really support them and make sure
they can enjoy public events. This
will include early entrance before
the general public, adult changing
tables and hoists with attendants to
provide assistance buddies on hand
to welcome guests and help them
orientate around the event. It will also
include a quiet space to go if things
get too much, medical provision,
downloadable maps and social stories
pre-event, sunflower lanyards for
people with hidden disabilities and an
online version of the Herbert Protocol
for guests who are likely to wander off
so that we can quickly reunite them
with their carers or families.
Customer-centric flexibility
We have always listened to our
customers and let them guide us in
new directions. An example of this is
customers have asked us to run their
social media campaigns and write
applications for awards on their behalf.
We have been able to use the skills we
have built up over the last 17 years to
be able to offer these new services and
generate additional revenues.
As mentioned earlier, we want to
develop real relationships with clients.
We want to know their needs so
we can align our interests as much
as possible. This not only ends up
being a good service; it also ensures
future work on the basis of trust. This
ethos of flexibility, combined with
inclusiveness, gives me strong reason
to be hopeful for the long-term future
of Lollipop Events.
Jamie Laing at Roof Top
Fest Bexleyheath

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