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Managing Director
Peter Marchant
115 metre long self activating
flood barrier to the River Cocker
in Cockermouth
Founded to deliver quality-assured and Kitemark-certified
flood-prevention products for new construction and existing
property, M3 Global Flood Technologies Ltd manufacture
and supply a wide range of products. Able to cater to domestic
as well as industrial and commercial establishments, M3
products aim to protect all potential avenues for properties to
flood both above and below ground. Managing Director Peter
Marchant explains more about the company’s expertise and
discusses how its solutions help protect the wider environment
and key transport networks.
We operate from our base in Droitwich, covering the whole of the UK as well as
Europe and the Middle East with a suite of registered designs and patent-protected
flood-defence products. All our products are specifically designed to keep flood
water out of properties and away from critical infrastructure.
Our dedicated team of technicians and support staff, as well as a select supply
chain, manufacture, assemble and install flood-protection products and supply key
contractors for the EA framework installation on the domestic flood-protection
(PFR) programme.
Subterranean domain
Our product range covers above ground as well as subsurface flood-prevention
applications. These include Kitemarked antiflood airbricks, airbrick covers and a
range of floodproof doors and windows targeted at the domestic housing markets.
»Managing Director:
Peter Marchant
»Founded in 2018
»Based in Droitwich,
»Services : Manufacturer of
flood-prevention products
M3 Global Flood
Technologies Ltd
Highlighting best practice
These are complemented by a range
of unique non-return valves, sump
and pump units and pipe bungs to
stop water entering via the drainage
networks. For larger flood protection
applications, we have a demountable
barrier range from 1.2 to 100 metres
in length that is designed to protect
properties from flooding up to 1,200
millimetres in height.
Estuarine and riverine flooding causes
untold damage and disruption. Rising
sea levels are also an increasing
factor for coastal flooding. Industry,
infrastructure and essential transport
can be protected using the unique
self-activating flood barrier system,
flood gate range and our lightweight
hydrodynamic activated barrier
systems. These use the rising flood
water as the source of energy to
power the barriers; as such, these
systems are 100 per cent passive
and can be automatically deployed
when a flood event occurs. The
flood protection available from these
products ranges in size as all solutions
are tailor-made for our clients’
requirements. However, we can
provide protection against floods up
to 3.5 metres high and over indefinite
lengths, as the barriers can be installed
in 30-metre sections.
One-person operation
Access to larger flood defences
along riverbanks and coastal regions
is provided by specialist flood gates
that can be operated by one person.
These gates range in width from
one metre to eight metres and can
be constructed up to four metres
in height.
Since forming the business in September
2018, following the acquisition of
the designs and IP from the previous
developer, we have worked closely with
industry and the BSI to establish product
Kitemarks that are independently
tested to BS1188, and this is now being
upgraded to the new flood-protection
standard BS851188, which comes into
effect from May 2021.
Too frequently, products are advertised
to the market as flood-protection or
flood-resistant solutions, and even
claim to be tested to British Standards,
but they do not carry the Kitemark.
Once installed, they are unable to
perform, and consequently flooding
and serious damage to property
occurs. Having the ability to provide
independently accredited Kitemarked
products issued by the BSI ensures that
all M3Floodtec products can perform
as designed and provide effective and
reliable flood protection for property
owners and infrastructure operators,
reducing overall costs and improving
disaster mitigation.
Flood doors and barriers
under flood tests at the
Droitwich test facility
BSI kite marked flood
doors and flood resistant
windows in Carlisle
Our drive is to
intelligent and
passive systems
that provide
solutions to
dealing with
flood situations
faced by
people all over
the country
World-class flood defence
Our vision is to provide world-class
flood-defence protection to the
general public, business owners, local
authorities and councils, housing
associations, infrastructure providers
and operators and the Environment
Agency at an affordable price and,
above all, to offer an unparalleled level
of customer service. Our drive is to
develop intelligent and passive systems
that provide solutions to dealing with
flood situations faced by people all
over the country.
The introduction of the new British
Standard sets goals that suppliers must
reach, and more customers are now
insisting on Kitemarked products. Our
commitment to supplying Kitemarked
products is absolute. Since establishing
our operation in Droitwich, we have
constructed a test tank capable of
testing flood products to the existing
standard. Works are complete on an
upgrade of the tank which has now
met the new test requirements of
BS851188 when this becomes
mandatory in May 2021.
Once this is implemented, our target is to
be able to offer the test facility to existing
and new manufacturers to validate
products prior to formal accreditation
and also for the BSI to utilise the tank as
an additional test facility to undertake
formal Kitemark accreditation, as
currently only two test tanks are available
in the UK for flood-protection products.
Flooding in the future
Looking to the future, we are working
closely with industry legislators to
implement a uniform standard for
product supply and product installation
across industry. Standardisation and
uniformity across the industry both
for client specifications and product
standards are fundamental to provide
consumer and customer confidence in
flood-protection technologies.
Highlighting awareness of what is
available, what it can do and how best to
implement these technologies is core to
our values. The systems, the technology
and the products exist, and our focus is
to make this information available to all.
Looking to the
future, we are
working closely
with industry
legislators to
implement a
standard for
product supply
and product
across industry
5.0m by 4.0m flood
gates protecting
Aberdeen industrial
estate from the River Dee


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