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A Message from Lord Pickles and Lord Blunkett, followed by McElwaine Security's best practice article

The ability to listen and learn from one another has always been vital in parliament, in business and in most aspects of daily life. But at this particular moment in time, as national and global events continue to reiterate, it is uncommonly crucial that we forge new channels of communication and reinforce existing ones. The following article from McElwaine Security is an attempt to do just that. We would welcome your thoughts on this or any other Parliamentary Review article.

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Intruder alarm systems tailored
to clients’ specific requirements
Pat O’Leary, sponsor of
Click Litehouse and ESP,
presenting the Fire &
Security Contractor of the
Year award to Managing
Director Jason McElwaine
McElwaine’s end-to-end electronic security solutions
include everything from CCTV systems and monitoring
to intruder alarms, access control and fire safety
precautions. Managing Director and namesake Jason McElwaine
The Parliamentary Review
that the firm’s systems are
designed, installed and supported by a team of experts.
With more than 23 years’ experience in the security sector,
McElwaine’s journey has taken the firm from operating only
within Northern Ireland to now fully operating across the UK.
We were established in 1996 to provide specialist security services, initially focusing
on Northern Ireland. Our specialism was within the areas of intruder, access and
CCTV systems, all of which were developed to NSI Gold Standard.
Developing and adapting
Due to continual growth, the company restructured in 2011 into an incorporated
limited company. In 2017, the company acquired and integrated with the RAS
Group based in Dublin.
This created a nationwide footprint of talented security and electrical professionals,
covering Ireland and the UK, which now deliver leading technologies offering site
consultation through system design, installation, commissioning and maintenance.
A key part of the integration was the expansion of the quality policies and
procedures in Ireland, ensuring qualification to the highest possible standards
within security systems, and monitoring solutions to Qualsec Platinum standard.
»Managing Director:
»Established in 1996
»Based Lisnaskea, County
»Services: Specialist security
»No. of employees: 56
McElwaine Security
Highlighting best practice
The company has an in-house
monitoring centre: “B Secure
Monitoring Solutions”. This offers
monitoring of CCTV, intruder and fire
alarms, lone worker and “man down”
device monitoring and remote site
management, all supported by a 24-
hour helpdesk.
Today, we specialise in commercial
and industrial security solutions for
public and private-sector clients while
also providing a range of domestic
security system solutions. The company
currently offers all of our customers a
complete security system and solution
specific to their business, home or
property needs.
Our head office is in Lisnaskea, County
Fermanagh, supported by our Dublin
office. Our growth has seen our
turnover increase from £800,000 to
£4.2 million in the last seven years.
Working to the highest
Our value offering is designed to
provide confidence – a state of total
peace of mind in all matters relating
to the client’s business needs. We
provide an unrivalled end-to-end
security solution throughout the UK
and Ireland.
We are extremely proud of our quality
standards and the fact that we are
one of an extremely small number
of companies in Ireland to hold the
Qualsec Platinum Certification. For
the company to achieve the platinum
status, we initially had to fulfil and
surpass all the elements required
within the silver and gold categories,
plus additional criteria, including
certification to ISO 9001:2015 by
an accredited certification body,
Excellence through People, and a
corporate social responsibility policy.
These quality management systems
ensure we can guarantee that we are
fully compliant to all quality standards
as well as demonstrating our desire
to maintain our own high standards.
Beyond this, these accreditations also
highlight our focus on our employees
and the future of the business.
We operate SAFE–T–CERT third-party
accreditation and hold a Grade A in
respect of the management of health
and safety, which is spread across all
aspects of the company. The company
is committed to the achievement of a
high level of quality and to the concept
of continual improvement, which
calls for a systematic and disciplined
approach by all of our management
and staff in all activities associated
with the delivery of our clients’
Promoting innovation
We have been influential in the
continual enhancement, design
development, installation, maintenance
and life-cycle management of our
clients’ requirements.
We have undertaken significant
research and development within the
area of communication and security
technologies. We aim to identify
a new and appreciably improved
public CCTV monitoring solution
that would provide a crucial balance
BAFE Fire approved
to design, install,
commission and
maintain fire detection
and alarm systems
We have been
influential in
the continual
and life-cycle
of our clients’
between security necessity, evidential
collection opportunities, effective
public safety and protection. This
would also balance privacy and data
protection protocols while keeping in
accordance with the relevant standards
and regulations. We also use our
considerable experience within the
communications and security sector
to apply our learning to improve and
enhance closed circuit television within
a public arena.
Developing our workforce
We employ highly trained, qualified
and vetted staff to provide our quality
solutions. We have extensive human
resource policies and procedures
to ensure that we initially select
and subsequently develop the best
staff to deliver our services. Once
selected and vetted, all staff receive
a comprehensive level of induction
and then task-specific training to
familiarise themselves with the
routines and practices specific
to their role and responsibilities.
Further training is provided as
necessary for specific subjects, such
as new equipment or changes in
We continually assess staff at all
levels to ensure that all personnel
are performing their roles and
responsibilities effectively and are
competent based on appropriate
education, training, skills
Training records are maintained for all
employees and include detailed and
specific elements such as induction,
personal qualifications, experience and
specialist job training. All employees’
training needs are reviewed on a bi-
annual basis, and appropriate training
is arranged as required to fulfil any
needs identified. We currently employ
56 people, with 15 working in our
monitoring centre, 30 working as
engineers and office personnel in
Northern Ireland and 11 performing
the same role in the Republic
Despite our significant efforts in this
field, finding and maintaining qualified
employees and retaining top talent
will continue to be a challenge. To
counteract this, we develop and
mentor our junior members of staff
through training and development so
they can meet their full potential. We
are seeing progress being made with
qualified candidates coming out of
educational programmes with a focus
on engineering.
Beyond this, the ability to provide and
stay current with the latest technology
will be both a great challenge and
an opportunity for the company.
We seek to offer the customer the
very latest technology, specifically
designed to suit their business while
ensuring our engineers have ongoing
With continued uncertainty over
Brexit, the company feels well placed,
with our offices and our workforce
situated both north and south of the
border. We feel this leaves us in a
good position to deal with whatever
stipulations are put in place.
We have plenty to be positive about.
We are confident about the future
thanks to the strengths we have as a
company, particularly with the team
we have in place and the high level of
customer service we can provide.
We aim to capitalise further on these
strengths in the next 12 months
by securing more business with
our current customers, as well as
establishing relationships with new
ones. Overall, our goal is to maintain
our high standards and continue to
drive forward.
over Brexit, the
company feels
well placed
High-end CCTV
technology and innovation
In order to ensure all customers
are offered the highest level
of expertise, the company has
obtained accreditations to the
highest possible standard within
the security sector, including
»National Security Inspectorate –
»National Security Inspectorate –
Fire Gold Scheme
»National Security Inspectorate –
ARC Gold Scheme
»CerticCS – ARC Scheme
»CerticCS – Quality Management
System ISO 9001:2015
»CerticCS – Security Systems
»Private Security Authority
»Qualsec Platinum
»Safe-T-Cert – Grade A

This article was sponsored by McElwaine Security. The Parliamentary Review is wholly funded by the representatives who write for it. The publication in which this article originally appeared contained the following foreword from Rt Hon Elizabeth Truss.

Rt Hon Elizabeth Truss's Foreword For The Parliamentary Review

By Rt Hon Elizabeth Truss

Even by the standards of the day –this has been one of the most exciting and unpredictable years in British politics.

The leadership election we’ve just seen marks a huge moment in our country’s history. This government is taking a decisive new direction, embracing the opportunities of Brexit and preparing our country to flourish outside the EU.

As international trade secretary, I’ll be driving forward work on the free trade agreements that are going to be a priority for the government. Free trade isn’t just an abstract concept bandied around by technocrats. It is crucial for a strong economy and for the ability of families to make ends meet. Free trade benefits people in every part of our country, as British firms export to new markets and people doing the weekly shop have access to a wider choice of goods at lower prices.

The essence of free trade is in the title: freedom. It’s about giving people the power to exchange their goods without heavy government taxation or interference. Commerce and free exchange are the engine room of prosperity and social mobility. I’m determined to tackle the forces who want to hold that back.

One of my priorities is agreeing an exciting new free trade deal with the US, building on the great relationship between our two countries and the Prime Minister and US President. But I’ll also be talking to other partners including New Zealand, Australia and fast-growing Asian markets.

And with the EU too, we want a friendly and constructive relationship, as constitutional equals, and as friends and partners in facing the challenges that lie ahead – a relationship based on a deep free trade agreement. Our country produces some of the world’s most successful exports, and the opportunity to bring these to the rest of the world should make us all excited about the future. It is this excitement, optimism and ambition which I believe will come to define this government.

For too long now, we have been told Britain isn’t big or important enough to survive outside the EU – that we have to accept a deal that reflects our reduced circumstances. I say that’s rubbish. With the right policies in place, we can be the most competitive, free-thinking, prosperous nation on Earth exporting to the world and leading in new developments like AI. To do that, we’ll give the brilliant next generation of entrepreneurs the tools they need to succeed. Since 2015, there has been a staggering 85 per cent rise in the number of businesses set up by 18 to 24 year olds – twice the level set up by the same age group in France and Germany. We’ll help them flourish by championing enterprise, cutting taxes and making regulation flexible and responsive to their needs.

As we do that, we’ll level up and unite all parts of the UK with great transport links, fibre broadband in every home and proper school funding, so everyone shares in our country’s success.

2019 has been the year of brewing economic and political revolution. 2020 will be the year when a revitalised Conservative government turbo charges the economy, boosts prospects for people across the country, and catapults Britain back to the forefront of the world stage.

Rt Hon Elizabeth Truss
Secretary of State for International Development