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Highlighting best practice as a representative in The Parliamentary Review

The ability to listen and learn from one another has always been vital in parliament, in business and in most aspects of daily life. But at this particular moment in time, as national and global events continue to reiterate, it is uncommonly crucial that we forge new channels of communication and reinforce existing ones. The following article from Metro Homecare is an attempt to do just that. We would welcome your thoughts on this or any other Parliamentary Review article.

We aim to deliver quality care for the elderly
Metro Homecare Ltd is a home care Service provider
established aimed at delivering quality care for older
service users which enable them to continue living
and fulfilling lives in the homes that they know and love. This
young home care provider, located in Southwark in the heart of
London, was established in February 2016 and has made great
strides in the provision of specialist care needs. Metro Homecare
started as a small business with only five clients in the books.
However, within a period of two years, the company can boast
of taking care of over 500 clients and has created jobs for over
350 people. The company has a strategy to expand and provide
care services to the old and disabled people in London and
beyond for years to come.
I founded the company when I was studying for a PHD in Management and
Business research. Moreover, I have many years of experience in managing
several companies, both in the UK and in Africa. As a young man, I completed my
bachelors degree at the University of Greenwich, where I received a first class in
accounting and finance. After graduating, I proceeded to complete a masters in
banking and finance.
The knowledge and skills that I gained from my undergraduate degree, especially
corporate strategy, provided the basis for creating successful business portfolios,
whereas the desire and hunger to create my own business was the ceiling of the
»Headed by Saad Osman
»Established in 2016
»Based in London
»Provides health and social care
»350 employees
»Offers DPS transport services
Metro Homecare
Highlighting best practice
Metro Homecare Service provides
quality home care services to people
living across all London boroughs,
Yorkshire and Merseyside. We enable
our service users to access the expert
care they need, whilst continuing to
live in homes that they know and love.
Our care workers provide expert
support for a broad range of service
users and are experienced in the
provision of care across a broad
range of concentrations. Principally,
these include care for older people;
our qualified and adept staff provide
both traditional domiciliary care and
support within our innovative extra
care scheme. Furthermore, we run a
quality re-ablement service, to help
people adapt to life at home following
a period of serious illness or injury.
We are also well versed in the
disparate fields of caring for adults and
children with specialised care needs,
such as physical or learning disabilities,
as well as offering dedicated dementia
and end-of-life care programmes. Live-
in care worker support alternatives are
also available to our customers, as well
as a carer’s respite programme and
sleep and waking night care
Metro Homecare Service’s vision is
to provide our customers with access
reasonable, high quality care, thus
enabling them to live independent,
dignified and safe lives from within
the own homes. Oftentimes, the
experience of going into residential
care can be a humiliating one for those
directly involved, something which
we wholly try to avoid through our
services. Furthermore, our capacity for
high quality care specialisations and
personally catered services is arguably
unmatched by the majority of the care
Our broad range of options envelop
such services as personal care and
support, live-in care, senior care
and specialist care; we specialise in
providing full time, one to one support
and understand what it means to make
a difference in this arena. Our highly
trained handpicked carers are truly
passionate about caring and providing
the highest levels of care.
Our vision
We believe that, where possible, an
individual should be able to access
the care they need in their own
home. For those who require it, the
comfort drawn from being looked
after in familiar surroundings can
be immeasurable. Home care also
affords a level of independence and
personalisation, factors that cannot
be recreated in residential settings.
Furthermore, domiciliary care is often
Individuals should be
able to access the care
they need in their own
Saad Osman,
Managing Director
more effective than residential options,
helping to reduce the financial pressure
of caring for our loved ones.
Our values
We recognise that each service user
is unique and will have different
Our overall strategic outcomes for this
new service include:
»Every member of the Metro
Homecare Service is guided by the
same values
»To provide the very highest quality
of care; providing care that is
consistent, compassionate and
inspires the confidence of our service
»To provide a service which is flexible
and responsive to the ever-changing
requirements of our service users
and partners
To ensure that the right level of care is
accessible to and affordable by those
who wish to be cared for it their own
Best practice
Our quality pledge enforces our
commitment to enhancing the
experience of the people we care for by:
»Improving the ways we recruit our
care workers by strengthening
background checks and ensuring
strict monitoring so that our services
users are in safe hands;
»Increasing the standards of our
training for every care worker, in line
with the Skills for Care Induction
for Care Workers, giving them the
knowledge and understanding they
need to care for people in a way
which is respectful and protects
»Investing in additional specialist
training to better equip care
workers, who support those with
more complex care needs;
»Enhancing transparency by
implementing our outcome-based
model, which allows services to
identify exactly what they want their
support to achieve and to measure
our success against it;
»We review our performance and
the way in which we do things on
a regular basis, taking into account
the views of our service users,
our regulator (the Care Quality
Commission) and our professional
partners, in an effort to continually
improve the services we offer.
partners, in an effort to continually
improve the services we offer.
We recognise
that each
service user is
unique and
will have
We recognise that each
service user is unique

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