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Highlighting best practice as a representative in The Parliamentary Review

The ability to listen and learn from one another has always been vital in parliament, in business and in most aspects of daily life. But at this particular moment in time, as national and global events continue to reiterate, it is uncommonly crucial that we forge new channels of communication and reinforce existing ones. The following article from Moshon Data is an attempt to do just that. We would welcome your thoughts on this or any other Parliamentary Review article.

Managing Director Steve Boyle
Flex-Moshon towing system for towing the EVT during
autonomous emergency braking tests and more
Established in 2013, Moshon Data specialises in manufacturing
a range of soft targets that represent real-world vehicles or
roadside items. These soft targets allow car manufactures
to test vehicle safety technology (VST) in a safe and controlled
environment before vehicles make it onto the road for public
use. Having over 14 years’ experience in the automotive test
industry, Managing Director, Steve Boyle takes pride in the
knowledge that his business plays its part in helping to lower
road traffic accidents and fatalities.
Recognised as being the official vehicle target supplier for Global NCAP, Moshon
Data’s foremost concern is road safety. Indeed, one of our most popular products,
which is manufactured to meet Euro NCAP specifications, is the Moshon Data
Euro NCAP Vehicle Target (EVT). Developed to simulate the rear end of a
standard production car, the EVT allows manufacturers to test collision avoidance
technologies such as auto emergency breaking (AEB) and is suitable for radar,
lidar and camera-based technology. The Flex-Moshon towing system is a further
innovation designed to enable the EVT to be towed, thus enabling manufacturers
to perform low-cost testing of their AEB systems in mobile road scenarios such
as car-to-car rear moving and braking (CCRm/CCRb). The Flex-Moshon not only
operates in a straight line but is also capable on bends and cut-in manoeuvres for
further advanced testing.
Over the years, our team have developed a range of custom targets such as walls,
crash barriers, pedestrians, shopping trolleys and even animals such as deer and
moose, all of which are commonly involved in vehicle collisions.
»Managing Director:
»Established in October 2013
»Based in Witney, Oxfordshire
»Services: World-leading car
target manufacturers
»No. of employees: 9
Moshon Data
Highlighting best practice
As a company we strive for continuous
improvement in order to stay ahead
of the market and, more importantly,
our competition. We invest a large
proportion of our time in research and
development so that we can continue to
deliver high-quality innovative products
that are designed to assist engineers in
projects that requireaccuracy.
Building upon our reputation as world
leaders, we have recently been awarded
the 2020 Hardware Innovation Award
for the
Automotive Testing Technology
magazine. To be accredited
with this industry award and receive such
recognition for our Night Environment
Simulation Tunnel innovation is
something that we are immensely proud
of. Measuring in at an impressive 122m
in length, it is considered to be the
largest inflatable tunnel in the world and
enables vehicles to be tested in the dark
during the day and offers a controlled
test environment. What is more,
constructed from various sections, it is
fully customisable and can be arranged
to suit a variety of testing needs.
In addition to this, our Moshon Village
innovation led to us becoming finalists
in the West Oxfordshire Business
Awards 2020. This pop-up village is a
customisable product designed to enable
advanced driver assistance systems
(ADAS) and autonomous vehicles to be
tested in real-world livescenarios.
»Buildings and cityscapes
»Obstruction walls
»Pavements and traffic islands
»Euro NCAP streetlamps and masts
for vulnerable road user testing in
»Customisable roadside furniture
Each individual environmental object
is designed to behave and respond to
vehicle sensors as though they were
the real thing. One of our villages was
purchased for use at the Millbrook-
Culham Testbed for controlled
and semi-controlled connected
autonomous vehicle (CAV) testing.
This test and evaluation environment
is a government-backed partnership
and is described as ‘the gateway to
self-driving vehicle development in the
UK’. In terms of future development
projects, Moshon Data is now leading
the way in new ISO projects for
stationary roadside targets. We believe
that it is the quality and diversity of our
products that has largely contributed to
our success as abusiness.
Imparting knowledge
In addition to being world-leading target
manufacturers, we offer a range of
expert training and consultancy services.
ISO accredited, we are considered
experts within our field and are
representatives for the British Standards
Institute. Indeed
imparting knowledge
is at the very heart of our ethos and
something that we feel passionately
about. Working closely with the world’s
leading car manufacturers, Euro NCAP
partners and tier one suppliers, we
are proud to travel internationally and
impart ourexpertise.
Moshon Data Night
Environment Simulation
We invest a
proportion of
our time in
research and
so that we can
continue to
deliver high-
Pop-up Moshon Village consisting of inflatable
buildings, foam kerbs and pavements, 3D cars and
road side obstacles
Here at Moshon Data, we understand
the importance of building strong,
lasting business relationships. At
present, we currently have 20
representatives worldwide, working
in six of the world’s seven continents
and as we continue to expand, we
will endeavour to further build upon
our connections. As a result of these
efforts, we are proud to showcase our
innovations across the continents.
Growth and expansion
It is hard to believe that until very recently
all of this had been accomplished from
my family home in Witney, Oxfordshire.
It was, of course, sometimes
challenging, but we all worked
together to make it a success. As a
result, we recently moved the business
into large premises which better suit
the company’s needs operationally.
The new working environment boasts
an expanse of office space, conference
room and sizeable workshop, all of
which make the day-to-day running of
the business more streamlined.
The new premises are a long-term
investment and meet the needs for
future expansion. In 2019, we welcomed
three more employees to join the
Moshon Data team and have further
plans to increase our workforce. Indeed,
it is an exciting time for us; we are lucky
enough to be in a position where we
are able to give back to our community
and invest in the next generation of
engineers and data analysts. In contact
with local universities, we hope to offer
an apprenticeship scheme, an initiative
which has long been encouraged by
successive UK governments.
Moving forward
As we progress, there are likely to be
many challenges ahead, some more
complex than others. One issue which I
find both disappointing and concerning,
is the lack of government investment
in current-day vehicle autonomy.
Whilesignificant funding is heavily
invested into futuristic autonomous
technologies such as self-driving
vehicles, there is comparatively less
government funding and interest when
it comes to AEB. Indeed, a striking
example of this is pedestrian collision
avoidance systems (PCAS); on today’s
market it’s possible to purchase a
car that will brake automatically if a
child were to run out in front of it.
This ponders the question as to why.
Could it simply be that more capital is
invested into systems which only seek
to improve the user experience and
that the notion of the external safely of
vulnerable road users (VRU) is somewhat
less enthralling? While it is difficult to
identify exactly why this is, there is no
doubt that more funding and awareness
in this area, which focuses on current
safety aspects of vehicle autonomy,
would only help to prevent collision
accidents and in turn lower fatalities.
Brexit, notwithstanding, is yet another
looming concern. As a company, we are
yet to feel the full impact that Brexit will
have on the day-to-day running of the
business. However, by working together
as a team, we are confident that we
can adapt and overcome many of the
challenges that it will bring.
What we do know, is that we will
endeavour to take our environmental
responsibilities seriously and continue
to work closely with local business and
suppliers in an attempt to reduce our
carbon footprint. Recently switching
to zero landfill waste collections, we
are continuing to develop new ways
to ensure that Moshon Data always
remain environmentally conscientious.
In contact with
universities, we
hope to offer an
scheme, an
initiative which
has long been
encouraged by
successive UK
Auto emergency brake
testing being carried
out on vulnerable road
user (Moshon Data child

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