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Highlighting best practice as a representative in The Parliamentary Review

The ability to listen and learn from one another has always been vital in parliament, in business and in most aspects of daily life. But at this particular moment in time, as national and global events continue to reiterate, it is uncommonly crucial that we forge new channels of communication and reinforce existing ones. The following article from Peakfield Properties Midlands is an attempt to do just that. We would welcome your thoughts on this or any other Parliamentary Review article.

Director Paul Welsh (left)
and Managing Director
MarkDavison (right)
Nottingham, major building
With a focus on refurbishment underpinned by new-
build capabilities, Peakfield Properties Midlands
works with residential, commercial and private clients
alike. With previous projects valued at as much as £4 million,
Peakfield – led by Managing Director Mark Davison – was
formed almost 15 years ago. Mark talks more about Peakfield’s
work and discusses the labour supply shortages that continue to
affect today’s construction industry.
PeakfieldProperties Midlands focuses on the refurbishments of buildings in the
Midlands. We pride ourselves on our ability towork with projects from design to
inception offering a full turnkey package. We work with domestic, commercial
and industrial projects. We have also been involved in car parks and other such
groundwork-based projects. The expertise of our core group allows us to diversify
with ease.
We formerly worked on a great deal of insurancerefurbishments, for example
properties that caught fire or were flooded. Although we are still able to carry out
such work, we have now changed our focus to different kinds of refurbishment
projects. Our projects have the average value of £100,000; however, we are
currently working on a £700,000 portion of a £4 million project.
Building from the ground up
I was formerly employed by a large national contractor; however, having worked
there for 14 years, I decided a change in employment was long overdue, and I
startedPeakfieldProperties Midlands in 2006.
»Managing Director:
»Director: Paul Welsh
»Founded in2006
»Located inHeage, Derbyshire
»Services:New build and
buildingrefurbishment for
commercial, industrial and
private clients
»No. of employees:16
Peakfield Properties
Highlighting best practice
Understandably our staff level varies
according to the work we are doing,
but we have a core group of 16
tradespersons. We are acutely aware
of the fact that it is very easy to get the
wrong peoplein particular projects.
We would far rather work with a
few skilled operatives as opposed
to working with a larger number of
operatives who lack the skills required
for this work.
Open books
We believe we exemplify best practice
with people through working with
open books. This transparency allows
us to maintain the best possible
client relationship. The project we
are currently working on has been
on a cost-plus basis. We ensure
that everything is available for our
clients to see, and that every penny is
We find thatthe majority ofour
business comes from repeat users,
and we often get contracts from
recommendations. We believe this
is indicative of the fact that we are
doing it right from the off.This
continual style of recommendations
allows us to provide consistentlyhigh-
qualitywork.We ensure that on the
rare occasion we get complaints, we
address them immediately.
Ultimately, we are a group who pride
ourselves on getting up every day and
doing our best. With our work, what
you see is what you get. Our age range
of 21 to 56 means that we have both
the energy of youth and the experience
that comes with age.
House redevelopment
We have recently been involved in a
redevelopment of a dwelling to create
a dormer bungalow, both renovating
the building and incorporating an
entirely new glass façade. The work we
didserved toopen upthe space and
provide a far lighter and airier space
for the family to live in.
We ensure that all the work we do
is something we can be proud of.
This piece with feature glazing is
Building from challenges
It is understandable that Brexit is
having an impact upon our industry,
and while new builds continue, there
is a clear decrease in the number of
overall projects. The commercial sidein
particular isslowing down, and we
believe that people are unnerved by
the current political situation, meaning
they are sitting on cash and waiting
to see what happens before investing
in projects.I do believe that the doors
should be kept open after Brexit in
order to allow for the free movement
of labour.
Before (above) and after
We believe we
exemplify best
practice with
working with
open books
We are also faced with a skills
shortage within our industry. I left
school in 1979 and did a City & Guilds
craft and advanced craft course which
took four years. Nowadays people are
doing a course on brickwork in six to
12 months and thereafter being sent
into the workplace.Thanks to the fact
they do not receive the full training,
I feel it is not possible to acquire the
same skills. The expanse in the skills
gap has been a more gradual change
in the industry, seen most clearly in
the past ten to 15 years; however, it
will have a long-term impact on our
industry with more people lacking the
requisite skills.
We also find that problems can
divert our attention from the more
importantissues andstrive tofocus on
all aspects of work equally.
It is also difficult for new businesses
to get up and running now. Thereis
a pressure on these businesses to
find a large amount of cash upfront,
which is often unfeasible for cash-
Strong foundations
At present we do not intend upon
growing any larger. We believe
that with a smaller team of skilled
individuals we can focus due attention
on our projects, our employees and
our clients. We also find that a more
skilled base ensures the quality of our
work is as high as possible.
We are currently hoping to work
in a way that allows us to adapt
to whatever comes in, whenever
it happens to do so. We hope to
continue to work with skilled and
efficient staff, and to see where the
future takes us.
We ensure
that all the
work we do is
something we
can be
Office transformation

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