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A Message from Lord Pickles and Lord Blunkett, followed by Ringley Software Solutions LLP's best practice article

The ability to listen and learn from one another has always been vital in parliament, in business and in most aspects of daily life. But at this particular moment in time, as national and global events continue to reiterate, it is uncommonly crucial that we forge new channels of communication and reinforce existing ones. The following article from Ringley Software Solutions LLP is an attempt to do just that. We would welcome your thoughts on this or any other Parliamentary Review article.

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Highlighting best practice
Mary-Anne Bowring, Ringley
CEO and relentless idea
creator. The real engine of
the company – a forward
Since the early 2000s, Proptechhas merged the lines
between our physical, digital and biological worlds.
Ahome that offers merely refuge is second rate, the age
of discovery is here and speaking to your gadgets is no longer a
sign of madness but an enhanced communication way.
For 20 years Ringley have served freeholders, leaseholders and resident
management companies managing their homes, investments, facilities, major
works, bad debts and more. Property management is only successful if customer
journeys are planned, their preferences stored and the minutia is well taken care of.
Arguably both managing agents and politicians are judged by the state of the rubbish,
so our journey with technology started with fast-tracking “housekeeping” issues to
keep things moving on site. Some ten years later Ringley continues to design out risk:
physical risk of the Grenfell kind, contractual risk and legislative compliance risk.
Events and customer journeys are designed, planned and underpinned by Proptech,
and our API connected apps have become mobile friendly.Designing with
consideration for all the stakeholders and ourselves as first customer in mind was
indeed the turning point to sail in the actual relationship-marketing era.
Our journey to PlanetRent: an app for all the stakeholders
As a major player in the emerging build-to-rent (BTR) sector, Ringley started its
research from the seven concepts that give life to the most impactful customer’s
journey for the so-called “Generation Rent” and reimagined them.
»Anticipation; » Immediacy; » Trackability; » Reliability when receipted;
»Rating; » Sharing; » Sustainability and ethics.
Those are the seven pillars on which our PlanetRent stands. The huge Ringley’s
database has given us the opportunity to fetch useful data and conduct surveys setting
up PlanetRent to deliver 100 per cent transparency to its users: landlords, agents and
tenants. The compliance dashboard is intuitive and constantly audits the compliance
»Right-to-rent checks: the
Immigration Act 2014;
»Gas safety: the Gas Safety
Regulations 1998;
»HMO: Housing Act 2004;
»Deposit certificates: Housing Act 2004;
»EPC: the Energy Performance of Buildings
Regulations 2012 (England and Wales);
»DCLG “How to Rent” booklet: Deregulation
Act 2015.
The compliance dashboard shows what’s missing, expired or expiring soon. Our
STOP mechanisms protect the less organised, preventing sending expired docs
to tenants, reminding the user of the legislation and penalties, and providing a
“one-touch jump” to the right place to upload what’s missing, thereby making it
easy not to fall foul of legislation, providing an extremely fulfilling service to both
newbies and ad hoc users.
»CEO: Mary-Anne Bowring
»Established in 1997
»Based in Camden Town,
»Services: Property and risk
»No. of employees: More than
»The company continuously
gives opportunities to inner-
city students by keeping its
doors open for internships,
apprenticeships and work
Ringley Software
Solutions LLP
Our meticulously designed smooth journey is now ready and available
for all our users. The property industry is clearly facing a crisis the like of
which has never happened before. We wanted to provide a powerful
weapon to combat the Tenant Fees Bill while not only cutting costs
but giving a solution beyond what the market already offers.
We created PlanetRent, an app that aims to give life to a huge
community, which then leads into our other creation, a pure BTR app,
“Busy Living”. Designed for marketing facilities for hotel, BTR and
student housing users, this app monetises on-site facilities, enables
third-party service tie-ups, has built-in community building sporting
and social events marketing, and gets the tenants checking in online
with our e-check-in to deliver an unforgettable experience.
The future is now and in our hands and at Ringley we are striving
to be an active and supporting part of it, making “innovation” and
“adding value” prominent core values like never before.
PlanetRent is a central hub between
landlord, agents and tenants. In fact,
while the first two can easily interact
with each other, not being affected by
geographical or time boundaries, tenants
will benefit from the same process
immediacy when it comes to repairs
and looking after their new home.
The communication between landlord
and agents has probably never been
so quick before. A landlord can in fact
see all his properties at a glance in the
“Tracker”, on which his properties’
status is continuously updated; he
can invite one or more agents to find
tenants or advertise properties himself.
For landlords who choose to self-
manage, PlanetRent provides instant
membership of “Viewber”, a national
viewings service, and “Evolve”, who
offer a national inventories service, as
well as a handy 25 per cent discount
on photos, 3D and floor-plan packages
for all PlanetRent users.
The agents in turn, after receiving
photos, floorplans, EPC and any other
available document, can accept the
landlord’s suggested fee, or not,
and finalise advertising on Zoopla or
Rightmove, through the app’s publish
feature – billed to their normalaccount.
Tenants can start their search for a
new home on PlanetRent. At the peak
of their excitement, the viewing, they
can make their offer including special
requests, with floor plans, photos and
the EPC emailed straightaway. (Our
survey of 100 tenants found that 83
per cent had not received a copy of
the EPC in line with the regulation
PlanetRent makes every step quick and
immediate and captures the emotion,
enabling tenants to share the moment
on social media.
Coming back to legal compliance
aspects, in the “Welcome & Utilities”
area the landlord can just tick to send
deposit and gas safety certificates, HMO
declarations, inventories, and more.
A safety alert advises the user if a
document has expired or is missing,
and one-touch takes you to the place
to upload it fast. Extras, if uploaded,
such as washing machine manuals and
pictorial guides of how to care for the
appliances, can be triggered also.
The paperless concept of the
app simply works through offers,
references, e-contracts, move-in checks
and welcome letters, cutting those
obsolete traditional costs and hours of
time: we timed it, and it all could be
completed in less than ten minutes!
PlanetRent makes technology its main
driver, cloud-storing documents and
collecting payments via card or online
bank transfer.
The app never seems to stop
surprising, as repairs can be reported,
tracked and rated through it, from the
moment the tenant photo reports an
issue, to contractor selection, repair
sign-off and the post-repair contractor
rating. Smoothly done, you would say,
especially when e-keys can be sent
through the app, another sensational
feature that will save a lot of time and
worries for all the parties involved!
Advanced, immediate, social, ethical:
The future in
the palm of
your hand,
service, risks


This article was sponsored by Ringley Software Solutions LLP. The Parliamentary Review is wholly funded by the representatives who write for it. The publication in which this article originally appeared contained the following foreword from Rt Hon Kwasi Kwarteng.

Rt Hon Kwasi Kwarteng's Foreword For The Parliamentary Review

By Rt Hon Kwasi Kwarteng

This year’s Parliamentary Review reflects on a tumultuous and extraordinary year, globally and nationally. As well as being an MP, I am a keen student of history, and I am conscious that 2020 would mark the end of an era. It will be remembered as the year in which we concluded Brexit negotiations and finally left the European Union. Above all, it will be remembered as the year of Covid-19.

In our fight against the pandemic, I am delighted that our vaccination programme is beginning to turn the tide – and I pay tribute to the British businesses, scientists and all those who have helped us to achieve this. But the virus has dealt enormous damage, and we now have a duty to rebuild our economy.

We must ensure that businesses are protected. We have made more than £350 billion available to that end, with grants, business rates relief and our furlough scheme supporting more than 11 million people and jobs in every corner of the country, maintaining livelihoods while easing the pressure on employers. The next step is to work with business to build back better and greener, putting the net zero carbon challenge at the heart of our recovery. This is a complex undertaking, but one which I hope will be recognised as a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Through the prime minister’s ten point plan for a green industrial revolution, we can level up every region of the UK, supporting 250,000 green jobs while we accelerate our progress towards net zero carbon emissions.

With our commitment to raise R&D spending to 2.4% of GDP and the creation of the Advanced Research & Invention Agency, we are empowering our fantastic researchers to take on groundbreaking research, delivering funding with flexibility and speed. With this approach, innovators will be able to work with our traditional industrial heartlands to explore new technologies, and design and manufacture the products on which the future will be built – ready for export around the globe.

And I believe trade will flourish. We are a leading nation in the fight against climate change. As the host of COP26 this year, we have an incredible opportunity to market our low-carbon products and expertise. Our departure from the EU gives us the chance to be a champion of truly global free trade; we have already signed trade deals with more than 60 countries around the world.

As we turn the page and leave 2020 behind, I am excited about the new chapter which Britain is now writing for itself, and for the opportunities which lie ahead of us.
Rt Hon Kwasi Kwarteng
Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy