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Highlighting best practice as a representative in The Parliamentary Review

The ability to listen and learn from one another has always been vital in parliament, in business and in most aspects of daily life. But at this particular moment in time, as national and global events continue to reiterate, it is uncommonly crucial that we forge new channels of communication and reinforce existing ones. The following article from Robinspool Dental Surgery is an attempt to do just that. We would welcome your thoughts on this or any other Parliamentary Review article.

Sally Pearce, Practice Owner
Endodontist Brian Davies
and his nurse
Robinspool Dental Practice have been offering specialised
dental care for over 30 years. Creating a professional yet
relaxed atmosphere is central to their ethos, especially as
they are particularly known for caring for extremely nervous
patients. They are currently looking to expand both their
workforce and premises to meet the high level of demand that
they receive. Sally Pearce took over the practice in 2016 and has
overseen the development of the business.
We are a long-established private dental practice based in East Berkshire. In April
2016, I took over from the original founder, Paul Nolan. We are a preventative
and family-orientated dental service, and we are particularly known for caring for
the needs of extremely nervous patients. We have three part-time hygienists, who
provide much-needed oral health education for both children and adults, alongside
the treatment of gum disease and fissure sealants. Beyond our consultations, we
advise and encourage our patients to take responsibility for their oral health.
The practice is fully subscribed and has had to close its books to new patients
earlier this year due to overwhelming demand. The team attribute this success to
the communication, commitment, enthusiasm and individual qualities of each team
member. This is combined with behind-the-scenes support from skilled laboratory
technicians, as well as excellent links with referral specialists and superb technical
support services.
In a recent Care Quality Commission inspection, many of our patients described
the treatment they received as exemplary and reported “high levels of satisfaction
with the responsive service provided by the practice”. The report also praised the
»Practice Owner: Sally Pearce
»Founded in 1984
»Based in Winnersh,
»Services: Private dentistry
»No. of employees: 8
Robinspool Dental
Highlighting best practice
cohesion and mutual support within
our team. We always encourage an
atmosphere of friendliness among
both our staff and customers, and we
find that this significantly improves
the satisfaction of both parties. We
also make sure to listen to the specific
needs of each patient and to work
collaboratively to find the best method
of treatment for them. We endeavour
to discuss all possible options with
each individual in order to give them
the full picture of the service they
The report from the CQC confirmed
this, stating: “Patients commented
positively that staff were caring,
friendly and lovely. Patients confirmed
that staff listened to them, did not
rush them and discussed options
for treatment with them. They were
positive about all aspects of the service
the practice provided. Staff were
amazingly accommodating. Staff were
kind and helpful”.
Creating an open learning
One of the greatest challenges that
we face is keeping failing dentition
stable for an ageing population who
have previously undergone extensive
and invasive dentistry. As clinicians,
this requires us not only to maintain
tried and tested principles of good
dental practice but also to think
outside of the box and improvise when
necessary. A realistic approach to risk
management is also essential to service
these increasingly difficult needs.
Subsequent communication must
therefore beexemplary.
In order to enable this to happen, we
have established an open mentoring
environment. It is routine to have
nursing staff in training accompanying
highly experienced nurses. We also
encourage any dentist or hygienist to
pop their head around the door for
a second opinion. Complex cases are
discussed between colleagues, with
the full support of our patients. They
trust us to provide not only skilled
work but also the most appropriate
option. Having the services of an
experienced endodontist and clinical
teacher, who has a referral clinic
within the premises, has been highly
beneficial in developing the overall
practice. Peer review and continued
openness to further development
are central to our ethos, and this
is recognised as paramount to our
dentists, hygienists, nurses and
reception staff.
A relaxed training
In a recent Care
many of our
described the
treatment they
received as
exemplary and
reported ‘high
levels of
with the
service provided
by the practice’
Creating open
communication channels
We offer complex restorative dentistry
alongside more routine procedures,
and we collaborate with appropriate
specialist referrals where necessary.
This open communication continues
in relation to these referrals. We have
created solid relationships with local
specialists, to the extent that we are
able to pick up the phone for informal
discussions. It is reassuring to know
that our patients will be treated well for
all their implants and their orthodontic,
periodontal and oral surgery needs.
Similarly, laboratory technicians will
often drop by, and patients feel very
supported when several members of
the team discuss, for example, the
aesthetics of a new crown or denture.
All this is set against the ever-present
challenges for every practice. These
include business planning, funding, the
development of management skills,
staff training and compliance issues.
We also attempt to juggle the ability to
schedule time off for the attendance
of postgraduate seminars and courses
without interrupting the smooth daily
running of the service.
Significant challenges lie ahead, and
we are confident that we will be able
to rise to meet them. Although the fact
that we are fully subscribed is both a
blessing and a testament to our quality
of service, it also presents challenges.
In order to develop our services further,
we will need to expand our premises
and workforce.
Difficulty in recruiting
The hiring of new employees presents
the most difficult challenge. Not only
must we find recruits who are highly
skilled but they must also conform
to our ethos and fit in smoothly with
the rest of our employees. As we are
a relatively small business, the impact
of a new employee can significantly
disrupt the routine we have developed.
Everyone has nuances in both their
work and personality, and we must
make sure these correspond to our
existing way of doing things. In order
to develop our premises, we must
identify sources of further funding.
All of this must be done without
compromising the relaxed and non-
clinical atmosphere our patients love
and have become accustomed to.
We are confident that we will be
capable of achieving these goals. We
hope to continue to provide a high
standard of service and to adhere to
our central ethos: treating patients in
the same way that we would wish to
be treated.
All of this must
be done without
the relaxed and
atmosphere our
patients love and
have become
accustomed to
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