Highlighting best practice as a representative in The Parliamentary Review

The ability to listen and learn from one another has always been vital in parliament, in business and in most aspects of daily life. But at this particular moment in time, as national and global events continue to reiterate, it is uncommonly crucial that we forge new channels of communication and reinforce existing ones. The following article from Saltash is an attempt to do just that. We would welcome your thoughts on this or any other Parliamentary Review article.

Richard Raymond, managing
Lorrimore Square
external decoration
Since their establishment in 1986, Saltash have operated
solely as a main contractor. They are an SME contractor with
a current turnover of around £24 million per annum and
have developed a deeply embedded culture of client-contractor
collaboration. Currently, 75 per cent of their business remains
within long-term key strategic contracts and frameworks. Their
founding managing director, Richard Raymond, remains hands-
on in delivering the principles of their business model, which are
based on the promotion of commitment and enterprise.
Since our formation, we have resisted the pressures of a growing turnover, rather
concentrating on delivering quality services and continuous reinvestment. We focus
on contracts that are aligned with our business plan and current capacity, reflecting
the specialties we have proven experience in delivering.
We have successfully delivered on a wide range of contracts across various sectors.
These include central government, arts and culture, schools and universities, healthcare,
and social housing. Over the past 30 years, we have developed a high standard of
service delivery throughout central London and the southeast, and maintain key
strategic contracts for clients such as the Parliamentary Estate, the City of London
and many other prestigious clients.
A winning focus
Our ethos is based around the development of a directly employed workforce, which
extends to in-house scaffolding, joinery, and specialist aids and adaptations
divisions, supported by a robust supply chain of both general and specialist
»Managing director:
»Established in 1986
»Based in South Bermondsey,
»Services: Main contractor for
refurbishment, new build,
disabled aids and adaptations,
repairs and maintenance works
»No. of employees: 115, with
»ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and CITB
»Member of the Considerate
Constructors scheme
Highlighting best practice
disciplines. Timeafter time, this
approach has proven to be invaluable
for all stakeholders concerned when
fulfilling their respective key objectives.
This formula of well-balanced resourcing
and controlled business planning
enables us to procure business without
affecting ongoing commitments. All
throughout this process, we aim to
provide a quality service, exploring and
delivering innovation in a demanding
environment. We believe in building
for a better quality of life, and aim to
implement this philosophy with every
project taken on.
Refurbishment can transform an
environment. As a company, we at
Saltash are committed to developing,
promoting and delivering our services
to our customers at a consistently
Under the attention of a highly skilled
and experienced senior management
team, we offer a strong refurbishment
service to a multitude of clients.
We have a complete range of in-
house skills and work with specialist
subcontractors to deliver anything from
stylish rejuvenation works to complex
listed restorations.
We always promise our full and
dedicated attention to the specialist
works required for these particular
works, and will continue to learn and
employ new techniques. Ever-changing
developments require that we continue
to move with the industry to maintain
our high standard of delivery.
New build
Our experience of delivering new-
build projects has been demonstrated
across numerous projects, for both
commercial and residential purposes.
Our workforce utilise a full range of
construction methods to always deliver
new builds which strike the right
balance of modern, contemporary and
traditional. Our most recent project
has seen us work with the London
borough of Lewisham in conjunction
with Phoenix Community Housing to
design and build a 22-unit, 7-storey,
apartment building.
We benefit from a well-balanced formula
of experienced senior management
and design consultants who can utilise
our experience to meet the needs of
tomorrow in terms of sustainability and
design. Delivering cost-effective high-
quality work is at the forefront of all
Saltash new-build projects.
Disabled aids and adaptations
Our dedicated aids and adaptations
department ensure that, every day, we
can make a difference to a disabled or
vulnerable resident’s quality of life.
The department is supported
by committed site supervisors,
administrators and directly employed
operatives to provide a comprehensive
service to clients such as L&Q Housing,
Peabody Housing Trust and Hackney
Homes. We have also developed
a series of processes to ensure the
correct safeguarding procedures can
be undertaken for the diverse range of
residents supported by these projects.
Our works range from installations of
handrails and access ramps through
to bigger projects such as full kitchen
and bathroom adaptations and lift and
hoist installations. By modifying homes
to these specifications, our teams can
provide residents with the comfort
and ability to remain as independent
Repairs and maintenance
Saltash works with numerous clients
to provide a responsive repairs and
maintenance service. Currently our
most active contracts are with the
Parliamentary Estate, Hampton Court
Palace and the London borough
City of London
commercial redecoration
Parliament repair and
We believe in
building for a
better quality
of life
These diverse contracts demonstrate
our ability to successfully deliver a
range of repairs and maintenance
works for multiple clients across
numerous different areas, including
the public, historical and residential
sectors. We take a proactive approach
to what is essentially a reactive
service by moving workload from
“emergency” categories to a planned
preventative approach, and aim to
deliver a first-time fix by ensuring we
always have the right materials and
trained available operatives.
Based within the London borough
of Southwark, we are established as
a partnering community contractor,
with a history of working with local
communities to promote training and
employment initiatives.
We have a visible community presence.
As a result of the nature of some of our
contracts, we are always at the forefront
of the industry for our local area. We
have amazing resident liaison officers
who provide a constant chain of
communication between the council,
ourselves and the resident.
Challenges and resolutions
When reflecting on challenges and
how we overcome them, our contract
with the Parliamentary Estate is a
prime example. Such works delivered
on this contract have included:
»Historic restoration projects
»Proactive, responsive repairs
»Joinery renewals
»Specialist finishings
»Emergency response solutions
»Protection and enabling works
The constraints and pressures of
working in such a secure, complex and
demanding environment are mitigated
by thorough risk management
procedures. Key delivery issues for
the project involve managing regular
periods of high and low levels of
activity with regards to situations
such as recess and parliament sitting
periods. Saltash ensure sufficient
resources are available by utilising
a large, directly employed labour
force; maintaining a high level of
resources security; and comprehensive
mobilisation planning.
Industry impact
We believe our success has impacted
the industry through our contribution
to the housing boom. Being based in
London, we have recognised a critical
need to build new homes rapidly.
Through our work with councils and
housing associations, we are assisting
in the overhaul and construction of
such homes all across the city. We are,
therefore, not only providing continuous
work in what can be an unpredictable
industry, but also contributing to the
growth of the housing landscape, both
regionally and nationally.
We are
established as
a partnering
with a history
of working
with local
to promote
training and
East Dulwich Estate drying
room conversions

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