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Highlighting best practice as a representative in The Parliamentary Review

The ability to listen and learn from one another has always been vital in parliament, in business and in most aspects of daily life. But at this particular moment in time, as national and global events continue to reiterate, it is uncommonly crucial that we forge new channels of communication and reinforce existing ones. The following article from Sarah Waddington Solicitors is an attempt to do just that. We would welcome your thoughts on this or any other Parliamentary Review article.

Principal Solicitor
We pride ourselves on making
justice accessible for all
Sarah Waddington Solicitors is a law firm specialising
in timeshare and consumer law. Its bespoke service is
characterised by the team’s aim to provide professional,
efficient and friendly services to all clients, while the firm
operates seamlessly in both the UK and Spain with the help of
a multilingual team. Principal Solicitor Sarah Waddington tells
TheParliamentary Review
In the area of timeshare law, we continue to see owners who have been either
scammed or had their time wasted. Knowing this, we have decided to distinguish
ourselves in the sector by providing a service that genuinely cares for our clients’
needs. This caring aspect of our service is especially important because the
problems our clients face can cause considerable emotional distress. These are
clients who often find themselves in financially vulnerable circumstances and in
need of a service that they know they can rely upon and trust. We are seeing a
pleasing growth in repeat business and referrals from happy clients.
In the last year we have also introduced a new service providing risk and compliance
support services to other law firms. This is a bespoke service provided by a former
employee of the Law Society and Solicitors Regulation Authority. He has in excess
of 20 years’ experience of working with law firms in regulatory support positions.
Wide applicability of our services
Our passion is the law and using our expertise to help vulnerable or ageing
consumers, and feeling that the committed work we do actually makes a genuine
»Principal Solicitor:
»Established in 2014
»Based in Ware, Hertfordshire
»Service: Legal practice with
specialism in timeshare
»No. of employees: 18
Sarah Waddington
Highlighting best practice
difference to people’s lives in timeshare
work. We do our utmost to extract our
clients from an undesirable timeshare
contract, and we do so often with zero
per cent interest-free payment plans to
ensure that all timeshare owners have
access to our services, not just the ones
who can afford it. This is just one of
many features of the service we offer.
We provide flight delay compensation,
making sure that our clients receive
the entirety of the compensation
they deserve. We also assist clients
who have contracted an illness on
an all-inclusive package holiday due
to unhygienic conditions or a lack of
care. In many such cases, our clients
will hold the right to compensation.
We pride ourselves on making justice
accessible to all.
We have a dedicated and experienced
team who specialise in the processing
and assisting of holiday claims. With
this service, clients can expect to
receive tailored advice for their injury
claims – all performed on a ‘no win,
nofee’ basis, containing no upfront
costs or any hidden costs.
In terms of our provision for Spain-
based clients, we have a number of
helpful features at hand. For instance,
with regard to those clients who need
quick help when living in Spain, we do
not require an international discussion
with them – as we have offices in
Spain and a multilingual team on hand
to help. Furthermore, we can review
a mortgage deed free of charge, and
offer advice on whether or not there
is an eligible claim to be made and the
amount that could be won. This falls
under our “Spanish Mortgage Floor
Clause Claims”.
No matter which country our clients
live in, we can handle the entire
process on their behalf – to the extent
that there might not even be a need
for them to visit the country in which
the property is located.
A commercial and ethical
commitment to justice
Our commitment goes beyond the
commercial concerns. We have a
sincere conviction for the clients who
use our services, and we have already
teamed up with the MP for Edinburgh
East, Tommy Sheppard, to seek justice
in matters of timeshare. We really
have taken our fight to Westminster.
Our broader aim is to persuade the
government to bring about urgent
and much-needed changes in the law
to better protect timeshare owners,
as well as to provide more stringent
regulations to the timeshare industry
and those who are financing it. At
present, the entire area is vastly under-
regulated, and too many people are
falling victim to this.
We are proud to report that we
have helped 800 timeshare owners
to become timeshare-free and have
many more cases we are currently
negotiating. We continue to submit
cases to the Financial Ombudsman
Service to recover refunds for money
paid via finance and credit cards. In
recent months we have recovered
£200K for three happy clients. Our
determined and unrelenting efforts
are achieving some great results for
We are striving for
changes in the law
to protect timeshare
owners and bring
standards and justice to
the industry
We have
decided to
ourselves in
the sector by
providing a
service that
cares for our
clients’ needs
As we approach the future
Ensuring the future of any company
requires constant vigilance, and we
are no exception to this, particularly
given how difficult a year 2020 proved
to be. We have continued to flourish.
It is especially important for us that
we remain vigilant in terms of market
conditions, in light of the surge of
unregulated companies flooding the
timeshare relinquishment market.
We are always striving to improve on
our service and expertise, with the
intention of increasing the range of
our already impressive services. We
also plan to continue battling to bring
standards and justice to the timeshare
industry, which will always be an area
in which we have a particular interest.
We have taken the lead in identifying,
often with the help of clients who
have been the subject of unwanted
cold calling activities, unregulated
businesses that are operating in
the timeshare legal services market.
Regulated firms will normally be under
regulation either from one of the
approved legal services regulators or
the FCA. We have tried to educate
potential timeshare clients about the
regulatory framework and the registers
that list all the firms and currently or
previously approved individuals that
are involved with regulated activities,
what they are regulated to do, their
trading styles and the statutory
Not all timeshare services fall as
regulated activities, but it is important
for consumers to ask themselves why
they would use an unregulated firm
when regulated businesses exist to
help with all aspects of timeshare
legal services, and they benefit from
the robust regulatory protections
when doing business with these
For example, claims under Section 75
of the Consumer Credit Act arising
from the lending activities of the banks
funding the purchase of timeshare
contracts fall as a regulated activity,
as does the marketing and acquisition
of such claims. We have reported a
number of unregulated businesses
undertaking regulated activities to the
FCA. This process is ongoing and a
significant commitment, but we believe
it is imperative for the protection
One emerging area continues to be
those who require assistance having
inherited a timeshare or who are
getting a divorce and need to split
their assets. We have seen an increase
in enquiries from probate and family
law solicitors asking what to do with
the timeshare that forms part of their
client’s assets. We are always happy
to assist fellow solicitors who may
be scratching their heads as to what
to do. We have achieved some great
results in this area and continue to
receive cries for help, which we are
always happy to answer.
No matter
which country
our clients live
in, we can
handle the
entire process
on their
We provide a service
which our clients know
they can rely upon

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