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Highlighting best practice as a representative in The Parliamentary Review

The ability to listen and learn from one another has always been vital in parliament, in business and in most aspects of daily life. But at this particular moment in time, as national and global events continue to reiterate, it is uncommonly crucial that we forge new channels of communication and reinforce existing ones. The following article from Signal IT Solutions is an attempt to do just that. We would welcome your thoughts on this or any other Parliamentary Review article.

Operations Manager
Specialists in cybersecurity design,
consultancy and education
Signal IT Solutions is a leading provider of cybersecurity
consultancy, management and education services.
Operations Manager Steve Wagner outlines the
company’s commitment to helping SMEs harness enterprise-
grade cybersecurity.
The rise of cybersecurity awareness
The relentless rise of cyberattack sophistication, state actor involvement and
an ever-increasing burden from regulators has led to a dramatic increase in
cybersecurity awareness within enterprises. As a result, cybersecurity is now a
primary concern for many organisations thanks to the risks and the potential for
company destruction resulting from a cybersecurity breach. The cybersecurity
industry has traditionally favoured enterprises due to budget and resource. At
Signal, we are passionate about levelling the playing field for SMEs.
As the cybersecurity landscape has expanded in terms of both threats and
sophistication, the response measures adopted by enterprise-sized businesses
and developed by cybersecurity vendors have also matured. Targeted and
proficient cybersecurity operations within many enterprises is now commonplace.
This typically incorporates a chief information security officer reporting
directly to the board. Increased, ringfenced cybersecurity budgets allow for
leading-edge talent, training, tools and platforms. Even against this backdrop,
enterprises have – as evidenced by many reported landmark cases – still been
subject to high-profile cybersecurity breaches, often with significant damage to
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Signal IT Solutions
Highlighting best practice
What about SMEs?
While the SME markets undoubtedly
benefit from understanding and
adopting the initiatives and strategies
undertaken by the enterprises in the
long run, the contrasting aggressive
pace of cybercrime advancement
means uptake is not happening
Additionally, the supply chain network
is often fulfilled by smaller businesses
inherently resulting in the “weakest
link” scenario with vulnerabilities
affecting vertically up the chain.
At Signal IT Solutions, we have
observed – with increasing alarm – an
effective “cybersecurity class system”
emerging between the enterprise and
SME markets.
We strongly believe this should not
be the case. We elevate SMEs to a
position of excellence in cybersecurity.
A touch of CLASS
Our mission is to make security
accessible to all businesses through a
comprehensive security programme
based around five key pillars:
»Community – collaborative,
strategic and relatable cybersecurity
information and advice
»Layering – comprehensive and
targeted layering of cybersecurity
response strategies
»Awareness – provision of
cybersecurity awareness, training,
education and compliance
»Standards – application and
adherence to best practice in
cybersecurity practices and
»Solutions – blending of appropriate
platforms and solutions to identify,
protect, detect, respond and
Managing Director
Richard Collins
With their
Signal IT
Solutions has
developed a
unique and
service which
will greatly
assist any
business looking
for a mature
approach to
Kenny Thornton
Head of Infrastructure
BTG plc
Where we face challenges
The disparity between the enterprise
posture and the typical SME posture is
stark and evident.
Many SMEs have become primary
targets as they do not have a sufficient
level of cybersecurity awareness,
expertise or a co-ordinated strategy to
prevent and respond, yet are sufficiently
large to be an attractive and valuable
target. The resultant impact for these
businesses is potentially devastating.
SMEs are often under the misconception
that they adhere to best practice
and have a coherent strategy while
simultaneously being unable to
objectively evaluate their approach
thanks to lack of a comprehensive
understanding – also known as the
Dunning-Kruger effect.
In other cases, business can be observed
undertaking accreditation or alignment
against frameworks including ISO
27001 and Cyber Essentials with their
underlying objective solely being to
secure a contract or to restore trust
following a breach. Often, these
businesses apply the minimum effort
required, maintaining few of the core
controls and principles that underpin
Our assertions are evidenced by the
increasing number of businesses
reported daily that are breached who
have stated adherence.
It should be noted that the accrediting
bodies themselves perform a robust
function given the limited time
allocation and visibility to fully evaluate
all controls in place.
How we respond and operate
At Signal IT Solutions, we understand
that cybersecurity is about blending
function and control to ensure
a layered cybersecurity strategy
that drives the most appropriate
posture with relation to risk, cost
We take a holistic view, undertaking
a gap analysis against existing best
practice to determine where our clients
are “actually” positioned. From this
point, we can help a client outline their
strategy and response to the risks they
face and select the most appropriate
approach and blend of solutions.
In addition, we provide a virtual chief
information security officer, or vCISO,
function for businesses who aspire
to implement a comprehensive, multi
layered strategy to cybersecurity
protection and response while
avoiding the high costs and
challenges associated with attracting
and retaining a proficient in-house
cybersecurity function.
About Signal IT Solutions
We were founded by Richard Collins in
2000, borne out of a desire to deliver
digital transformation to SMEs who
aspire to elite performance, scalability
and security without compromise.
With a reputable client base including
some household names, both in the
UK and globally, we recently launched
our CLASS programme cybersecurity
initiative – aimed at bringing affordable
and comprehensive managed
strategies for cybersecurity to SMEs.
Our strength and reputation are
built on a mission to deliver and add
value to every client engagement and
relationship. This is driven through
the passion and commitment of our
leadership team.
What is our goal?
At Signal IT Solutions, we have taken
significant time to reflect and focus on
our identity, strengths, core values and
priorities, with high-quality, affordable
and understandable cybersecurity
emerging as our primary focus.
We have identified a number of key
initiatives in 2019 to promote this
mission, including engagement with
regional police cybercrime units, our
virtual CISO service launch, building
relationships with key stakeholders
and vendors within the cybersecurity
industry and development of
a comprehensive cybersecurity
programme – CLASS – to address
We have taken
significant time
to reflect and
focus on our
strengths and
core values, with
emerging as our
primary focus
Richard Collins
Managing Director
CLASS programme
– comprehensive
cybersecurity for SMEs
Layered cybersecurity
blending function and

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