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Highlighting best practice as a representative in The Parliamentary Review

The ability to listen and learn from one another has always been vital in parliament, in business and in most aspects of daily life. But at this particular moment in time, as national and global events continue to reiterate, it is uncommonly crucial that we forge new channels of communication and reinforce existing ones. The following article from Strategic Internet Consulting is an attempt to do just that. We would welcome your thoughts on this or any other Parliamentary Review article.

Founder Alex Embling
Strategic Internet
Consulting is a B2B
marketing agency for global
technology brands
Strategic Internet Consulting is a digital B2B inbound and
account-based marketing agency with a focus on the
technology sector. Founded in 2009, it helps global B2B
technology brands grow and nurture their sales and marketing
pipelines by identifying accounts actively in-market for their
products and services. Working closely with SMEs and larger
enterprise organisations, such as Hitachi, Acxiom, Honeywell
and Bosch, across the UK, USA and Europe, its founder Alex
Embling is now targeting significant growth over the coming
years. Alex tells
The Parliamentary Review
more about his plans
and his views of the industry.
I have worked in the technology marketing sector since 1996, initially operating
as a subcontractor to a number of local technology businesses. In the early years,
online marketing primarily focused on Google in its early form, but as Google and
competing search engines developed in sophistication, the skills required to deliver
campaigns became increasingly specialist and diverse.
It was at this point I started to subcontract to industry specialists to help support
my clients’ more complex demands. This became a challenge over time as
the technology to support my virtual subcontractor relationships didn’t exist
(technology communication infrastructure was in its infancy and broadband
speeds were very slow). In addition, the general working ethos and client/supplier
relationship was based around having a physical office and an employed workforce,
and therefore quality suppliers in a developing marketplace were very hard to come
»Founder: Alex Embling
»Founded in 2009
»Based in Horsham, West
»Services: B2B tech marketing
and account-based marketing
»No. of employees: 18
Strategic Internet
Highlighting best practice
Due to the unreliability of the
subcontractor market at that point, in
tandem with the increased demand
for our services, in 2009 I took the
decision to employ my first full-time
staff member.
The impact of today’s
Only now do businesses have
access to the technology, tactics
and targeting ability to match their
complex B2B sales cycles – but for
individual marketers in an ever-diverse
and rapidly shifting technological
landscape, these options can
Our place in the industry is to help
our clients adopt modern marketing
methods, such as inbound, account-
based and intent-driven marketing, by
using the right technology and data
that will identify their unique TAM, or
total active market; in other words,
companies who are on an active
buying journey.
Industry challenges
Fast-moving technological developments
bring their own unique challenges that
companies also need to address:
Data privacy and the impact of
GDPR: Data is key to modern sales
and marketing strategies and it is
absolutely right that privacy laws
are starting to catch up with social
networks. In my opinion, data
breach is a bi-product of legislation
and law not staying abreast of
technology. It is, therefore, important
that marketers check that their
tech suppliers are GDPR compliant
and have measures in place to
store, process and integrate data
Sales and marketing technology
investment: Which sales and marketing
technology to invest in: Investing in
the right technology is fundamental
to implementing successful, accurate
and more cost-effective marketing and
sales programmes. Choosing the right
platform depends on many criteria;
for example, does it integrate with
your current CRM and third-party apps
currently used, will the system grow
as the business grows, how complex
is it and will it provide the return on
investment required?
Automation and AI: These come hand
in hand. An effective automation
platform relies on artificial intelligence
to produce effective insight into data
and provide meaningful reports.
With no shortage of automation
platform options, it’s important that
the chosen solution maps to business
goals and requirements, is an overall
investment and is a tool that will align
all aspects of business. Technology is
designed to automate repetitive tasks
and, with the advent of AI, it will
have an impact on the modern sales
and marketing functions that exist
currently, as automation and AI take
over some of these tasks.
Strategic’s place in
the industry is to help
clients adopt modern
marketing methods
As Google and
search engines
developed in
the skills
required to
specialist and
Agility: The ability to move quickly and
keep up with technology marketing
trends is essential, as buying habits will
inevitably keep changing.
Cutting through the noise: The biggest
B2B sales and marketing challenge
is being able to stand out from the
crowd. Identifying which tactics to
use in a marketing campaign that
will make a client notice one business
over another is a challenge that will
never be resolved, as something new
will always take over. For example,
only a few years ago a business that
had the best website would get the
most traffic, but then connecting
through social media took over. Now
video marketing is the strategy that
is engaging potential clients. To be
heard, a business must be agile and
implement all of the above.
Navigating the sector
The market in which we operate is
being increasingly proliferated with
new technology and more noise. Sales
and marketing teams are competing
with more sophisticated technology
and data than ever before and,
therefore, they have to be smarter.
New products are being continually
developed, and the advance of
technology is helping our clients’
competitors go to market in more
effective ways.
Therefore, as an agency, we also
have to constantly remain agile and
revise our recommended strategies
and approaches as new technology
emerges, and help our clients
do the same. We are, therefore,
always researching and testing new
technologies and ways of advancing
our processes.
There is always competition for
technology budgets and while budgets
are increasing, so are the number
of competing platforms. Businesses
will continue to invest more, but the
increase in options is also creating
difficult decisions.
Although the technology sector is
crowded, it is also a place of constant
innovation and opportunity. We have
a culture within Strategic Internet
Consulting that embraces this,
and I will continue to champion it.
Agencies exist because businesses
lack knowledge and capacity, so
going forward we need to ensure
we can offer both of these services
at the highest standard. With new
sectors such as cybertech and fintech
continuing to grow, the opportunities
are there for us to enjoy.
Only now do
business have
access to the
tactics and
targeting ability
to match their
complex B2B
sales cycles
B2B businesses
now have access to
technologies that match
complex sales cycles

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