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Highlighting best practice as a representative in The Parliamentary Review

The ability to listen and learn from one another has always been vital in parliament, in business and in most aspects of daily life. But at this particular moment in time, as national and global events continue to reiterate, it is uncommonly crucial that we forge new channels of communication and reinforce existing ones. The following article from Taylor James is an attempt to do just that. We would welcome your thoughts on this or any other Parliamentary Review article.


Founder and CEO Glen Taylor
Beautiful CGI car retouched
into LA city location backplates
Founder and CEO of Taylor James, Glen Taylor, has seen a
great many changes in the advertising industry over the
past two decades. Working towards the provision of a
“more personalised, immersive, experiential and measurable”
experience for consumers, Glen recognises the impact social
media has had on advertising, and discusses how he and his
team adapt their strategies to engage with potential buyers.
Noting the challenges of digital disruption and it’s acceleration
as a result of Covid-19, Glen remains confident that Taylor
James can continue to remain ahead of the curve.
We are a creative production studio, producing visual content for film, print and
interactive media. We partner with brands and advertising agencies to elevate
creativity, by pushing ideas further than can be imagined. Our production strategies
take a solutions first approach and are a balance of smart creative with innovative
technology to drive multi-platform answers.
Our team of digital artists, creatives, technologists and producers offer an end-to-
end production package. We love to work with talented and innovative people,
and thrive on delivering groundbreaking and award-winning content.
A change in advertising
The nature of advertising and marketing is fundamentally based on taking a product
or service and elevating consumer perception to influence purchasing behaviour
and build brand value, or in the case of politics, reaching voters and inspiring
them to vote. We work with brands and advertisers in the automotive, financial,
healthcare and consumer goods sectors to craft content which tells stories and
»Founder and CEO: Glen Taylor
»Established in 1999
»Based in Soho with offices in
London, New York, Mexico
City and Los Angeles
»Services: Fully integrated
production company
»No. of employees: 80 artists
and producers
»2019 revenue: £13 million
»Acquired by Williams Lea Tag
in August 2018
Taylor James
Highlighting best practice
makes emotional connections with
consumers: we seek to create wonder,
fuel curiosity and ignite desire.
For the 50 years between the first TV
advert in 1941 to the first online banner
display in 1994 for AT&T, advertising
strategy was pretty fixed on television
campaigns, with print and radio playing
a support role. Today, digital advertising
spend now accounts for 50 per cent
of the market and there are over 50
recognisable digital channels, each with
varying strategies to reach a consumer.
Adverts now need to make an
impression faster and across a wider
scope than compared to the era of when
TV ads dominated the landscape. In
fact research recently published by The
Mobile Marketing Association found
it only takes 400 milliseconds for the
brain to engage with mobile advertising
and trigger an imprint. So, in the time
it takes for your heart to beat once, the
viewer has already formed an emotional
response to a piece of digital advertising.
Digital disruption
Millennial and Generation Z children
are growing up in a completely “digital
native” environment, dominated by
the internet and smartphones. They are
bombarded 24/7 with an “always on”
style of content from digital platforms
which run sophisticated algorithms
and programmatic technologies to
track a user’s persona, interests and
It is a constant data cycle, which is
enabling our industry to become more
personalised, immersive, experiential
and measurable by every second.
However, this environment also creates
huge challenges for clients as budgets
once reserved for multimillion TVC
campaigns are now splintered across
multiple agency partners, allocated on
a project-by-project basis rather than
an all-encompassing contract, and the
rise of digital channels is driving clients
to stretch the same budgets across
more consumer touch points.
Our industry was already under pressure
from digital transformation before
Covid-19 but now the pace of change
has been accelerated. Traditional
advertising agencies have generally
struggled to keep pace with this digital
world and now consultant firms, design
studios, PR agencies, and specialist digital
agencies are all taking more market
share. To survive, we have to change the
way we create the content and establish
cheaper production hubs. However,
with no standard way of working, it’s a
battle for many to convert and mobilise.
Digital disruption is here. Yes, it’s a
challenge, but it is also an opportunity
to grow. In 20 years, we have navigated
multiple industry changes and financial
recessions by tracking ahead of the
industry trends and constantly delivering
solutions to our clients’ needs.
The biggest challenge right now
is our clients’ ever-growing need
for volume content, delivered on
ever-evolving technology platforms
which personalise a sales message
with increased creative intellect. The
opportunity for traditional production
companies is to lead the future
identity of agencies. Global production
companies could have a huge
advantage as they can produce content
at scale with language and cultural
understanding which is personalised
and delivered through transparent,
cost-effective and reliable pipelines.
By partnering with a new kind of
“production agency” that operates
on a smaller scale, delivering strategy,
CGI book and
environment created first,
allowing photographer
to perfect shoot elements
for retouch
agencies have
struggled to
keep pace
with the
digital world
ideation and media buying with a
strong focus on digital and emerging
technology, a creative and scalable
end-to-end solution can bedelivered.
Ahead of the curve
Our company has always embraced
technology, evolving from retouching
photographs for photographers in 1999
to adopting CGI technology within
five years. Since establishing the New
York office in 2013, the business has
experienced double-digit growth, and
we have recently opened offices in Los
Angeles and Mexico. An entrepreneurial
and growth mindset has kept Taylor
James alive, vibrant and relevant.
In 2008, I directed my first TV
commercial. The story followed a bird’s-
eye view as it swept around Bermuda.
This 30-second TVC was a mix of full
CGI and live-action material, blended
seamlessly together, supported by
additional content we had produced
for print and digital mediums. Within
ten years, this fully integrated approach
has become our
modus operandi
cementing a solutions-focused mentality
and passion for efficiency into the
culture of our company and our staff.
For the last two years, we have
integrated traditional advertising agency
skillsets into our core production teams
to build a new capability. With expert
craftspeople across every discipline,
Taylor James is made up of forward
thinking innovators with decades of
experience; artists, storytellers, directors,
photographers, creative producers and
technologists. By placing “thinkers”
next to “makers”, we now originate
ideas and craft production strategies
which solve the “faster, better,
cheaper” challenge.
We are prioritising the importance of
production strategies across all marketing
activity, to leverage efficiencies from end
to end. The key is balancing technology
with creative storytelling, to take the
“big idea” and drive value by pushing
this into lots of “small ideas” along the
numerous media channels.
From TV commercials, digital
billboards, social and digital campaigns
to augmented reality, programmatic
or interactive campaigns, the future of
advertising is to balance creativity with
technology to produce highly targeted
content in increasingly complex ways.
As we move forward, we will continue
to adapt to the emerging trends. We
have been honing our photoreal/game
engine CGI skills for years and now
offer real-time content and experience
creation, as well as editing and virtual
feedback with clients using Unreal
Engine. This process was utilised in
a recent projects for SKS Kitchens to
enable the client and customers to view
the photorealistic interior and exterior of
their kitchen from all angles inside a VFX
world on their browser. Utilising gaming
technology in advertising provides
a faster, easier and more accurate
collaboration leading to a better overall
customer experience, and in many use
cases, like auto, it replaces the need
to visit a physical showroom. Precision
advertising will also become more
central to a brand’s campaign, offering
personalised, immersive and experiential
experiences to package a story that
really resonates withconsumers.
The vision of Taylor James for the
future focuses on utilising enabling
technologies and bringing creative and
production together so brands can
reach their audiences more quickly
through more channels and in more
meaningful ways; we are Taylor James,
the makers of more.
and growth
mindset has
kept Taylor
James alive,
vibrant and
One hundred per cent
CGI project of the urban
buildings attacking the
Thirty-second TV
commercial shoot as
one consistent take,
no cuts, combining
CGI environments,
transitioning into live-
action location


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