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Highlighting best practice as a representative in The Parliamentary Review

The ability to listen and learn from one another has always been vital in parliament, in business and in most aspects of daily life. But at this particular moment in time, as national and global events continue to reiterate, it is uncommonly crucial that we forge new channels of communication and reinforce existing ones. The following article from Teignmouth Maritime Services is an attempt to do just that. We would welcome your thoughts on this or any other Parliamentary Review article.


New jetty to land shellfish
in Brixham, Devon
Founded in 1991, Teignmouth Maritime Service is a marine
and civil engineering business, with a focus on building
and renovating old quays, jetties and piers, harbours
and sea defences. Based in Devon, it operates nationally and
internationally for a variety of clients and on projects ranging in
size and longevity. Managing Director Peter Stenner explains in
greater detail how the organisation works in practice and tells
how it plans to develop in the future.
At TMS, we work with all manner of sectors, from flood defence schemes to
local authorities and harbours for harbour commissions. The diverse nature of our
work by no means precludes us from delivering high-quality results for our clients
and we have worked hard to exceed expectations since our foundation. We have
developed extensive experience in acting as the principal marine contractor for
projects, and we collaborate with our design partners to provide a full turnkey
service. In the past decade, we have seen considerable company growth and we
hope that this can be maintained in the future.
From Shetland to St Ives
We were founded in 1991 by two fishermen, who took a break to work on a
marine scheme in the area. After observing how systems were run, they decided to
attempt to fill the same role independently. Some three decades later, the courage
of their convictions has been proven and we continue to grow year onyear.
»Managing Director: Peter
»Established in 1991
»Based inDawlish, Devon
»Services: Marine and land
based civil engineering
»No. of employees: 66
Teignmouth Maritime
Managing DirectorPeter Stenner
Highlighting best practice
Theaspect of our operation that we
are most proud of is how we treat
our staff. We employ a considerable
number of local people, and strive
to ensure they are all well treated in
their respective roles in the company.
We cover the entire country, from
Shetland to St Ives, and we want
our employees to be taken care of
irrespective oflocation.
We have invested both time and
money in training our staff about
mental health awareness. Our
experience in the construction sector
tells us that the importance of
mental health is often overlooked.
The perception that one has to be
tough to work in the construction
sector can preclude our employees
from engaging in open discussions
about their own mental state. We
are affiliated with Mates in Mind, a
charity that focuses on the mental
health of those working within
our industry, and we have noticed
considerable improvements since
joining with them.
Adapt and overcome
Our projects tend to require us to
overcome both technical and adverse
conditions in order to perform our
work. This requires us to provide
innovative and affordable engineering
solutions, and to this end we employ
new techniques both to access the
sites and to secure the completion
of our work. In order to perform on
site, we often have to adapt existing
systems, which can include technically
and physically demanding activities
such as piling or pouring concrete.
Our performance on site involves
technical competence as much as it
does physical expertise.
We are full members of the
British Marine Federation and the
Association of Diving Contractors,
both of which exemplify the quality
of our work. Through imbuing what
we do with a high-quality work ethic
and a recognition of the importance
of expertise, we have delivered high-
quality projects time and time again.
Time is money
One of the most significant
problems we face is the change
in IR35 legislation, introduced in
2015. The legislation measures the
extent to which an individual can
be considered be self-employed
and has provided a slight change to
freelance employment. While the
shift does not reflect a considerable
change in legislation, it does
transfer the liability to an individual
to decide whether they are a sole
trader or a freelance consultant.
Scour protection for the
newly constructed
Boston Barrier flood gate
at Boston, Lincolnshire
We employ a
number of
local people,
and strive to
ensure they
are all well
As anemployerthishasproved
challenging, especially when our
work can be sporadic. On a contract-
by-contract basis, we aim to offer a
constant influx of employment, even in
the most uncertain times.
On a more industry-wide level,
working for major contractors can
at times prove difficult. When larger
operators enter administration, we
find that problems in the sector trickle
down to us. When we are involved in
a build scheme, the employer holds
the retention fund of money for a
year to ensure they have a sufficient
sum in reserve should any defects
need to be repaired. This does not
allow subcontractors such as ourselves
to receive recompense for a further
12 months. We have found that the
larger the contractor, the less in line
they are with our concept of both time
Planned and steady continued
We are currently in a period of
steady growth, much as we have
been for the past decade. In the last
three or four years we have seen a
considerable increase in our turnover,
from £7 million to between £11 and
£12 million. This steady year-on-year
growth has allowed us to employ over
60 people locally, and we are most
proud of the fact that we have never
made anyone redundant.
This general growth is something
that we trust will continue during
the coming years, and we feel well
prepared to respond to it as and when
required. The future is not always
clear, but we are confident in our
ability to weather any storm that might
come our way.
on site
as much as it
does physical
Refurbishment works to
the East Pier and West
Pier in Whitby, Yorkshire


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