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The ability to listen and learn from one another has always been vital in parliament, in business and in most aspects of daily life. But at this particular moment in time, as national and global events continue to reiterate, it is uncommonly crucial that we forge new channels of communication and reinforce existing ones. The following article from Townsend & Renaudon is an attempt to do just that. We would welcome your thoughts on this or any other Parliamentary Review article.

Partner Ryszard Jan Kawak
New factory, Staffordshire
At the end of the Second World War, Townsend &
Renaudon was established to serve local communities in
the Staffordshire and West Midlands area. The aim was
to provide building and construction cost consultancy services for
all sectors, including government departments, local authorities,
housing associations, public companies and members of the
public. The practice prides itself on its unique and longstanding
commitment to health and safety. It was in fact one of the first
practices to feature construction design management – that is,
duties surrounding safety – in its services. Ryszard Kawak, one of
three partners, tells
about Townsend
and Renaudon’s history, present and future.
Knowing no boundaries
Although based in Stoke-on-Trent, our work takes us far and wide across the
whole of the United Kingdom, including the offshore islands of the Hebrides
and the remote island of St Kilda. We also undertake work within a number of
European countries, including Germany, France and the Netherlands. Indeed,
other projects have taken us as far afield as Africa and to the far reaches of South
America, India and Singapore.
Where we excel
The practice is headed by three partners: Jonothan Thornton, Ian Bagnall and
myself. We are supported in turn by 18 staff and by the founding partner’s son,
»Partners: Ryszard Kawak,
Jonothan Thornton and
»Established in 1945
»Based in Stoke-on-Trent
»Services: Chartered surveyors
and building cost consultants
»No. of employees: 18
Townsend & Renaudon
Chartered Surveyors
Highlighting best practice
JohnRenaudon, in the capacity of
a consultant. We have a wealth of
experience in all aspects of the building
and civil engineering industry, as
well as in dispute resolution, expert
witness, party wall surveys, project
management, project monitoring,
insurance assessments, facilities
management, building surveying,
dilapidations and, more traditionally,
quantity surveying, all of which
cover the full spectrum of the
Other services
As a practice, we also undertake
construction design management
(CDM) and principal designer duties.
We have established an architectural
section, which deals with outline and
detailed design and development for
clients who demand instant access
to planning advice and planning
strategy. Indeed, over two decades
ago, we were one of the first practices
to offer CDM services in the country.
We now offer the service to all our
clients because we feel very strongly
about health and safety, the absence
of which has been a plague on the
construction industry for manyyears.
From an early stage of each project
development, we are keen to get
involved with addressing health
and safety matters. Initially, we will
highlight potential problems and,
with the help of the design team,
other consultants and the client,
either remove the problem or reduce
the potential risk. We are strong
advocates of the CDM regulations,
and our policies form a large part
of our in-house training for staff.
Ultimately, the issue of health
and safety is a high priority in our
objective to ensure that contractors
and clients understand their
obligations throughout the design and
construction processes.
Staff’s continued professional
Staff are encouraged to develop their
skills and abilities through a day-release
university degree course while gaining
“in the office” or “on-site” experience.
We believe that good education
is fundamental to our practice.
Continued professional development,
in conjunction with regular internal
updates and reviews of the goings-
on of the construction industry,
empowers our staff. More specifically,
it empowers them to interrogate and
critically examine all the issues when
faced with complex and unusual
Indoor swimming
pool with changing
accommodation, Stoke-
Over two
decades ago,
we were one
of the first
practices to
offer CDM
services in the
country, and
we now offer
the service to
all our clients
problems. This ability to think outside
of the box rather than treating issues
at face value is a key characteristic that
our staff possess.
We have also facilitated the
development of our staff to enable
them to achieve chartered status
within the Royal Institution of
Chartered Surveyors. The sound
knowledge and expertise gained
from this enables them to have the
confidence to deal with construction
issues and contractual matters.
Client base
The majority of our work comes from
repeat business built on long-term
relationships. We serve our clients
on an individual basis, as each have
their own specific needs. Accordingly,
we tailor our services to meet their
aspirations to ensure that they do
not fall foul of the planning and
construction minefield.
The formation of the architectural
section within the practice has helped
us move our clients’ projects along
quickly and smoothly. This enables us
to get involved at the earliest stages
of a project, and to highlight any
problems that may occur in the design
before the scheme gains momentum.
The future
Our future is our staff and our
commodity is the service that we
provide to our clients. We therefore
rely heavily on the ability and
experience of our staff, which, through
a regime of training, both at university
and on the job, will ensure that the
demands of our clients are met quickly,
effectively and withoutissue.
Our ability to anticipate the demands
of the construction industry and its
ever-changing elements allows us to
quickly identify niche markets, which
we’ve often secured well before our
competitors – doing so afforded
our clients insights into the latest
developments and trends. Whatever
the size, location and nature of the
project, we have a team of expert staff
who can confidently provide a quality,
professional and reliable service.
When all is said and done, however,
it’s worth remembering something:
everything we do and see today in our
work is a culmination of hard work
from those who have come before
us as pioneers – those who laid the
foundations and made the practice
what it is today. To those people, we
owe our gratitude.
Our future is our
staff and our
commodity is
the service that
we provide to
our clients
Flood defence work,
Walled garden, Cheshire

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