Bringing together business leaders and politicians from up and down the country, The Parliamentary Review Podcast is a keen examination of the leadership that has been so integral to the prosperity of British industry.

With host Jonathan White, the podcast focuses on everything from the political issue of the hour to individual pieces of sector-specific legislation affecting those unheard businesses up and down the UK.

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Previous Episodes

#35 - Mike Morris

Mike Morris, Chairman of GQA Qualifications, wants to reshape the qualifications sector by providing excellent resources to those going through their programme. Working alongside businesses Mike wants to improve the career options for young people.

#43 - Richard Lee

Richard Lee is the managing director of Kelrick Properties, a family-run business serving the local community in Ashton-in-Makerfield. Richard gives his insight on running a successful property business while keeping a happy workforce.

#42 - David Wildman

David Wildman is the Managing Director at General & Medical Group. Initially founded as a finance and insurance brokerage, the firm is now a leading light in the private medical insurance sector, with offices all across the world.

#41 - Tony O'Reilly

Tony O'Reilly is Managing Director at Brown McFarlane. Brown McFarlane is a steel plate stockholding and component manfuacturing firm with more than 130 years of history in the industry.

#40 - Adrian Jackson

Chief Executive and Artistic Director of the Wolverhampton Grand Theatre, Adrian Jackson, was appointed in 2015. Following a period of refurbishment, Adrian and his team have set about restoring the Grand to its former glory.

#39 - Jeremy Good

Jeremy Good, Managing Director of Cryogenic, speaks with Johnathan White not only about Cryogenic's speciality in the production of superconducting magnets and their applications but also the company's export business which makes up 95% of its operation.

#33 - Kathy Maslen

Kathy Maslen, Resident Manager of Genuine Care, has a motivation to provide individual & effective solutions for her clients. For those in care effective communication between healthcare professionals is key for carers and patients.

#38 - Matt Fleming-Duffy

Matt Fleming-Duffy, CEO of Cherry Mortgage & Finance ltd, understands the mortgage market & the difficulties after the 07/08 crash. It is his belief that the UK has the innovative solutions that can make the market work for everyone.

#37 - Simon Barnes

Simon Barnes, CEO of TLC Live, is at the forefront of online teaching methods & is showing that online tutoring is just as succesful as traditional teaching in getting results.

#36 - Stuart Harris

Stuart Harris, Managing Director of Stuart Harris Associates, prides himself on the friendly attitude that his firm offers to clients. Stuart knows that simplifying the tax system would make it work better for all levels of society.

#34 - Christine Alexander

Christine Alexander, CEO of Carers Trust East Midlands, understands the changing needs of care providers across the UK. Fronting the largest partner in the Carers Trust UK network Christine has experience at the all levels of care.

#32 - Kev Crisp

Kev Crisp, the owner of Crisp Vocational Provision, is passionate about giving young people the opportunity to succeed outside of mainstream education. Kev understands that no one wants to fail in education and does his utmost to give people a second chance.

#31 - Alison Hesketh

Alison Hesketh, Director of TimeFinders, was influenced by her own experiences when founding the organisation. With 10 years experience of providing aid to the elderly helping to manage changing circumstances, Alison puts the needs of her clients first.

#29 - Robert Keen

Robert Keen, Director General of BIFA, leads the UKs leading trade body for international freight. Representing 1500 members across the sector and promoting their interests at all levels of governance.

#28 - Jeff Wilton-Love

Jeff Wilton-Love, Company Director of Chapter Care, is an experienced domiciliary care provider. Providing services in hard to reach areas and modernising the business is a key driver as the company grows.